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  1. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    Good evening all. I am always looking for little nuggets of information on the past masters. I came across one that interests me and wanted to see if anyone else has heard this. Kyan Sensei was often call Chanmigwa or small eyed. I had been doing some research on this and a reliable source in...
  2. chinto01


    Hello all. Was wondering if there are any people out there that practice Motobu Ryu. Was also wondering if you can give me more insights into the system. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  3. chinto01

    A new opportunity!

    Well it has finally happened. For a year now I have been having a battle with myself as to wether or not open my own dojo or start my own class. Due to my wives work schedule changing I can no longer attend my friends dojo the way I would like. All that being said a few people have approached me...
  4. chinto01

    Magazine Recommendation

    Hello all. It is not often that I find something worth passing on as far as MA mags however I must recommend to everyone Classical Fighting Arts magazine. I have been reading this magazine going on 2 years now and I find myself anxious for the next issue all of the time. It is not full of the...
  5. chinto01

    Looking for past and present students of Eizo Shimabukuro or anyone who studied shorin ryu

    Greeting all. I am looking to make contact with any past or present students of Eizo Shimabukuro or any of his students students. There is a new yahoo group being formed and I would like you guys to check it out. Simply go to yahoo groups. Search for the key word shorinryukarate and it will take...
  6. chinto01

    In a bit of a jamb.

    Hello all. In a bit of a jamb here. I am moving my student to brown belt this weekend (first one under my direction. Yikes!) and I do not have a grade certificate for him. I do not have time to order one and was wondering what you guys do as far as certificates? Any help would be great! In the...
  7. chinto01

    This really creeps me out!

    Hello all. Wanted to see if this would creep you out the way it is creeping me out. At the dojo I work out at there is a 20 something black belt. He is o.k. never did anything to me so I have nothing against him except the following. He and this 14 y.o. female black belt are constantly flirting...
  8. chinto01

    What is the best MMA Magazine out?

    What do you guys think is the best mma magazine out. I have purchased both Tapout & fightsport and I prefer Fightsport. Opinions? In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  9. chinto01

    First Class.

    Well I had my first BJJ class last evening and it was great! let me tell you however that I felt like a fish out of water after doing karate for the last 20 years. The instruction at this class was top notch and the group of people made me feel at home. Any training suggestions? In the spirit...
  10. chinto01

    Any thoughts??

    My training situation is a bit unique. My karate Sensei lives on Okinawa. This is great especially going there to see him and having him come here. I train with my friend who owns a dojo (who is more a training partner than anything) and from time to time I help out with his adult class. Well I...
  11. chinto01

    Training with Sensei who knows his real karate??

    Hello all: Have heard this being kicked around so I thought I would bring it here. As we all know our Sensei's are getting older. Mine will be 83 this year. Some people who he trained early on with him say that they learned his "real" karate. Those who trained with him in his middle years of...
  12. chinto01

    Have you ever wondered????

    So I am sitting here wondering what would have happened if during WWII the U.S. and Japan did not slug it out on Okinawa. Would we know about the beautiful art of karate or would it be lost to us? Think of the rich history that would not have been lost the books, pictures, etc etc........ I...
  13. chinto01

    Young Black Belts

    Hello all. I know there have been threads before on this subject but I want to get your opinions on wether or not there is an appropriate age that a student should be promoted to black belt? Should anyone under the age of 18 be required to be a junior black belt and learn a modified cirriculum...
  14. chinto01

    Hand held makiwara

    Hello all it has been a while since I have posted but thought I would share this with you all. At the recommendation of a senior I purchased a hand held makiwara from It is portable and small enough to fit in your pocket. I will let you know how it holds up but for the person...
  15. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    Hello all. I have been looking into Kyan Sensei and was wondering if anyone knows if he had children. Everything I have read never references his children. Any help would be great. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  16. chinto01

    Naha-te Lineage question

    Greetings all. I am writing a paper and am trying to put together the lineages from Shuri-te, Tomari-te, and Naha-te. I am comfortable with the first two but Naha-te seems to be giving me a problem. Was wondering if anyone can clear up that lineage for me. Thanks in advance. In the spirit...
  17. chinto01

    The time has come.

    Hello all. Those of you who have seen past posts have read that over the last year I have been trying to decide wether to seperate from my friends dojo and do something on my own. Well I believe the time has finally come. It has nothing to do with any problems my friend and I have and has...
  18. chinto01

    Back from the promised land!!

    Hello all! Just thought I would share with you all that I have just recently returned from my second trip to Okinawa and it was incredible. The island was just as beautiful as I remember it the first time and the people just as friendly as ever. It is truley a trip all martial artists should...
  19. chinto01

    How would you handle this?

    Hey all. Hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer. I have an interesting dilema and thought I would get your feedback. Let me preface this however by saying that I am very open to learning from others and have never turned away anyone who will enhance my knowledge no matter what rank they...
  20. chinto01

    Travelling to Okinawa

    Hey all. Thought I would give this a whirl and see what becomes of it. We have a group going to Okinawa at the end of the month. This will be my second trip and I was wondering for site seeing purpose if anyone had any information on the following tombs/ monuments. 1. Miyagi Sensei 2. Kyan...
  21. chinto01

    Cleaning the dojo.

    I was giving some thought to my past years in the arts and I was thinking about the following. Under my first instructor after training the entire class with the exception of the dan ranks cleaned the entire dojo. Back then I did not think that much about it or why we did it. When I asked some...
  22. chinto01

    How Important is Rank to You??

    Was doing some thinking last evening and this thought came to my head. What happens when my Sensei passes? The usual thoughts came and then the thought of future promotions came to mind. Would I ever accept a promotion from anyone again? I came to the conclusion that I would not. The reason...
  23. chinto01

    A little advise please.

    Hello all. Have a bit of a dilema and wanted to get your valuable input. My friend happens to run the dojo I attend. We are more like brothers than friends so it makes this a little difficult. His dojo is 90% kids and that is the cirriculum that he has chosen to teach. I enjoy the younger...
  24. chinto01

    Motobu Sensei Kumite

    Hello all: I was wondering if anyone had written out, has video, or knows of someone who would be willing to share Motobu Sensei's kumite. I had written them down before and have since lost them. Any help would be appreciated. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  25. chinto01

    Need Some Help PLEASE!!!!!

    O.K. all I am on a quest for what I consider to be a Holy Grail of sorts. I am looking for a past issue of Black Belt Magazine. The issue is June of 1983. Eizo Shimabukuro Sensei is on the cover. If anyone could point me in the direction of where I may get a copy or if you have a copy to sell I...
  26. chinto01

    The exchange of money.

    Hello all. Been on vacation so this is my first post in a while. My friend and I were talking and I feel it is time to possibly start spreading my wings a little bit. One thought I had and people may laugh was to possibly teach for free. This of course would be dependent on someone providing...
  27. chinto01

    Finish where you started.

    I got into an interesting conversation with a fellow practitioner and the topic was about kata and the theory that you should finish a kata exactly where you started. Was wondering if anyone else has heard this theory and if so what was the explanation given to you? In the spirit of bushido...
  28. chinto01

    Looking for nitan bo kata video

    Hey all. It has been a while since I have posted but have been busy. Was wondering if anyone could give me any information on a download somewhere for the kata nitan bo? In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  29. chinto01

    Empty Hand or China Hand ?

    Thought I would throw this one out there for a discussion. I was wondering when a student asks you what kara-te means what definition you give them? We all know the "modern" day or accepted definition of kara-te is empty hand. This I believe was changed when Funakoshi Sensei went to main land...
  30. chinto01

    Chibana Sensei Video. AWESOME!!!

    Hello all. Last week I posted that I was in search of any videos, or pictures of some Okinawan Masters to include in my history vault. It is with great pleasure that I can tell all of you that I have found what I believe to be a video that no serious martial artist can be without. It is a video...