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    Cane Masters Custom Combat Cane vs Rural King's Hickory Cane

    I have been a student of the cane for several years now. By far my personal preference is to the hickory wood cane. Having owned a Cold Steel City Stick after exposure to hickory crook handled canes, my City Stick now rests comfortably by the fire place in the tools holder. My first encounter...
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    Sprains, Strains, Pulls And Pinched Nerves

    I am new here, however I've been practicing herbalism for about the last 15 years. Having stress induced pain is a common hazard for those who engage in MA training. If you find yourself in that situation; after having a physician assure you that the situation is nothing worse; I invite you...
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    Hello from Houston,Texas

    Just wanted to touch base here. I am a genuine lover of peace; however like many others I am becoming increasingly concerned with just how bold the criminal element is becoming. I am here to listen and learn. I am becoming increasingly interested in the field of Elderly Self Defense. I...
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    An Option Of Growing Popularity

    As the following article shows, the humble cane is an inoffensive, yet effective implement that is finding it's way into increasing venues, especially where the elderly are concerned. Kudos to the old man!!