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    Disney Moive: Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior

    I think that was a mistake, Shin got his shodan in some form of karate while in Japan in 18 months. He said he acomplished this by training everyday for 5 hours a day for the 18 months. Shin is currently a 3rd degree in Goju Ryu and a 2nd in Tae Kwon Do.
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    I watched the trailer and it does look good, has it come out in the US at all on dvd?
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    Kata #2

    Karazenpo Goshin Jitsu, Nick Cerio Kenpo, or Shaolin Kempo Karate all have Kata 2
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    MA Movies

    The Jet Li/Jackie Chan film about the Monkey King will be called The Forbidden Kingdom and Collin Chou from the Matrix movies and Fearless will also be in it. Collin will also be in Flash Point with Donnie Yen. Ong Bak 2 should also be really good.
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    MA Movies

    Jet Li and Jason Statham did a movie together called War, Tony Jaa has Ong Bak 2, and Donnie Yen just did a movie called Flash Point which looks pretty good.
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    Tommy Morrison "wins" his MMA debut

    Should Tommy Morrison even be fighting, I though he has Aids.
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    Training in Multiple MA?

    Over at USSD we are strongly adviced not to cross train. I personally want to cross train in either Judo of BJJ so that I'll have a stronger groundfighting ability.
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    Quiz: What kind of fighter are you?

    According to the quiz I'm a thug, fight for the hell of it.
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    Your opinion on best boxers ever? Top 5

    Rocky Marciano Joe Lewis Julio Cesar Chavez Muhammed Ali Joe Frazier
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    President Bush to Receive Purple Heart Medal

    I'll be happy to answer. At the time Mr. Clinton went to Moscow we were in the middle of the Cold War and the former Soviet Union was an enemy of the United States. I don't care where Mr. Clinton went but the fact is that he did dodge the draft, he has admitted to this, so if someone is going...
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    President Bush to Receive Purple Heart Medal

    Stop drinking coolaid for a second, take a breath, and relax. In case you forgot we live in America land of the free and I am excersizing my right to my own opinion. You can disagree with it all you want but why do have to name call. Clinton himself admitted that he dodged the draft and that...
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    Thai action movie with some muay thai

    Who plays the hero? is it Dan something that went to college with Tony Jaa and was the lead in Born to Fight? Congratulations on your success.
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    Is anyone out there STILL a Republican?

    I've probably already answered but yes I am still a Republican. And before anyone starts bashing let me just reminde you that the although the Republican party's backyard is far from clean the Democrat's have a lot of work to do before cleaning their backyard before they start criticizing.
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    Jackie Chan

    I love the Drunken Master and Police Story movies, I liked the Rush Hour movies and understand that the reason the action does not compare is that Jackie is in his fifties now and has broken every major bone in his body multiple times. The man just can't move the way he used and with good...
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    Just finished shooting action movie with TKD

    I like the hair, the pics look great, who play's the hero?
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    President Bush to Receive Purple Heart Medal

    To be fair at least Bush served. Clinton ran to Moscow
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    Bruce and Chuck in the UFC

    I'd be curious to see how Kempo masters would have done in mma. Guys like Prof. Chow, Ed Parker, and Adriano Emperado
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    Top 5, Bottom 5 Martial Art Movies

    I had not seen it at the time of my post, but I'm adding it now. SPL aka Kill Zone here in the U.S. Donnie Yen rocks this one and Sammo Hung can move pretty good for big guy, and Jing Wu isn't half bad himself.
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    Aikido in Utah

    I've been looking for an Aikido studio but have been unable to find anything around were I live. Does anyone know of any quality Aikido instructors in the Weber/Davis area of Utah. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    What martial art would you like to do?

    Wing Chun and Aikido would be at the top of my list of martial arts I'd like to try.
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    Sex offenders in the MA school

    At an open house to recruit people for the instructors academy Master Russell Cliegg of ussd made it very clear he did not want any former or current sex offenders to apply. What measures he took to keep them out I don't know.
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    Martial art movies

    If you want to see some cool modern fighting and a good story, watch SPL called Kill Zone here in the US. It's got a cool knife vs club fight between Donnie Yen and Jackie Wu. It's also got a great fight scene between Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung that uses jiujitsu.
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    Movie Star Top Trumps!

    Segal would have to catch Keanu first. Segal was cool back in the day, but he is as big as a couch these days.
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    Movie Star Top Trumps!

    If it's based on pecs then I'd say the winner is Arnold back in his Conan the barberian days.
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    1st Open Black Belt World Championship

    I know nothing of this event, but in August there will be another open tournament at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.
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    Movie Star Top Trumps!

    Tony Jaa, Chuck Norris, and Jet Li are legitimate Martial artists, the others do movie fu. I'd probably go with Jet Li though I would add Donnie Yen to the list.
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    Chuck Norris Mountain Dew commercial

    Chuck rocks:rofl:
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    Your embarrassing moments in the martial arts

    I work with juveniles at a shelter, and one day a very volitle youth tried to leave our facility and I stood in his way. This kid and I had good raport and I was suprised and caught off guard when he punched me in the head. In hindsight I should have seen it coming he was extremly angry and...