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    How would you defend against a hook?

    You took it out of context, I was referring to the above statement. The video was not meant as a teaching tool, I was demonstrating how WE defend the hook.
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    How would you defend against a hook?

    Where did you see a Tan Da? As I stated this is against a large looping hook. It is a simultaneous block and attack and I showed how to stop the second hook or immediately go into an elbow strike. Not all Wing Chun techniques are simultaneous blocks and attacks. It is obvious that your...
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    How would you defend against a hook?

    Here is how we handle a large looping hook - Video
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    Rattan Ring

    Hello, You can find my Sifu, Randy Williams, demonstrating some uses in his DVD "Wing Chun Basics #2 Combat Theory and Kicks" I have a 12 inch ring that works well, I use it during kick training, and with footwork patterns. I perform Loy Qwun Sau, Ngoy Kwun Sau, and Gan Jom. We don't place...
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    Wing Chun Recommendations?

    Where do you live? Perhaps someone can direct you to a WC Instructor...
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    Losing my instructor....

    When one door closes ...
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    Moy yat books Wanted

    I use I am looking for Sifu Randy Williams Original Book Series, the last two volumes 5 and 6.
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    Wall bag - synthetic leather vs traditional canvas

    I use a canvass bag with vinyl sewed on top. Easy clean up and lasts long time :)
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    Wing Chun and Weightlifting

    Non Issue -Do what works for you!
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    just trying to start a discussion

    The gentleman in White was far superior, just playing with the student.
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    Counter To Lap Sau.

    It has different meanings, and one of them is to protect your head like it is glass and not get hit.
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    Counter To Lap Sau.

    We use head butts all the time. I understand if you don't (head like glass) I look at it as emergency technique and it is good to have head butt's thrown at you so you learn how to deal with them in chi sau.
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    Kung Fu Suit Etiquette?

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    Counter To Lap Sau.

    Just wondering because when I get pulled hard I go with the pull and strike with my side shoulder. You can even practice the strike on a heavy bag. All good answers by the way. Lan Sau is interesting because I have been playing with incorporating more Lan Sau's instead of Lop Sau's in my WC...
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    Counter To Lap Sau.

    If you are pulled hard enough and you don't go to Bong Sau, what do you do?
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    Wooden Dummy

    The Great Lion Wooden Dummy Company. It looks like they are selling wooden dummies again. Very good quality, I have had one for over 10 years, still going strong...
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    Chi Sau vs. The Flurry

    From YJKYM I straight punch, my partner pock's and than gives me pressure, pushing straight into my center through his pock. I use my cotton body (sinking of upper body) to let my arm come back towards my body while maintaining slight forward pressure. (I don't collapse my elbow, but my arm...
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    Chi Sau vs. The Flurry

    Another related drill from YJKYM is to have your partner throw centerline punches and you are pocking (is that a word :) than he/she suddenly drops their hands and you do three chain punches, than they throw a hook. So the whole loss of hand contact go straight in... I have a nice forward...
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    Chi Sau vs. The Flurry

    Good drill Mook: We use the 4 corner drill as well, I like to have small focus mitts on while attacking that way if they miss a block they don't get hurt but still feel some pain. I know we practice centerline punches but they seem the hardest to stop for most students when you throw them in...
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    Transitioning from Chi Sau - Lap Sau - Chi Sau

    I drill going from Dan Chi Sau to Lop Sau into Chi Sau. From Dan Chi in Bong , lop Da,(now you are in Lop Sau) to get into Chi Sau the person who has the Bong will return to Tan Sau and with the opposite hand throw there Fook at their partner (at the same time you return to Tan Sau) (we call it...
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    Centerline and Turning

    Speaking from a CRCA Wing Chun only perspective: We are 50/50 weight distribution in YJKYM. We shift on our heels, shifting on our heels adds power and length to our Yang motions. Shifting creates Centrifiugal and Centripetal forces. Our motherline does not move during shifting.
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    Portable Mook Jong

    I would not hang my laundry on that thing...
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    Oi Karate Kid!

    I was training the knives with my second teacher outside in a park in Washington DC when the secret service came over to see what we were doing. We were in a park next to the Vice Presidents House.
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    Thought I'd share this.. WT Tripod stuff..

    I have a tri-pod dummy that I built out of pvc. I cemented larger diameter tubes in the ground and placed smaller longer tubes inside. They are strong and provide a flexible target. I agree that he was pulled and went with the pull. He is adapting to the situation.
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    Quitting Wing Chun

    Relax, don't force it... when you are ready a teacher will come, in the meantime continue doing what you can. Punching, kicking, Forms etc.
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    Wing Chun uber alles...

    My Sifu allows his instructors to have any Martial Art they want in the same school or train any MA they want, his only requirement is that you only teach CRCA Wing Chun. I would not appreciate someone telling me what I can train and what I can't. I also train BJJ and if I had a large...
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    Punching- contract or not?

    I cannot punch hard without making a tight fist, which keeps my wrist from rolling. Which makes tension in my forearm, however I try to limit the tension to just those body parts, which is a skill in itself. If I am punching in the air I can get away with a loose fist, but not on a heavy bag...
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    Pacing out Siu Lim Tau

    Hello, I train Siu Leem Tau many ways, if I want to do the slow section with reverse breathing it could take as long as I want it to. For Example: I can do it with 4/3 breathing which can take about 15 minutes. Which means I do 4 breaths out for the first Tan Sau and three from there out...
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    Wing Chun in NYC

    Go Here...
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    New Hampshire Schools

    Hello, We have a school in: CRCA - Vermont Montpelier, VT (802) 223-6309 Susan Arbogast - Chief Instructor