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    Taking a break

    I guess this goes in Modern Arnis, since that is what brought me to MT in the first place.... Some big changes ahead and I am taking a step back from the public martial arts community, and moving from Delaware, so the sceen name seems moot, and the account will be closing. Best of luck to all...
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    Datu Hartman in Philly

    Datu Hartman will be teaching a seminar in Philadelphia on October 15 at the University of PA. There will be two sessions, times 10a-5p. Cost is $35 per session or $60 for the day. More details to follow when I clear my plate a bit.
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    Hurricane Benefit

    I am planning to teach a short (3-4) hour seminar to raise some cash for relief efforts in New Orleans.... When : Sept 17th 2p-6p Where: Karate USA, The Cannery Shopping Center, Lancaster Ave., Wilmington, DE Topics: Developing; I plan in two short blocks of empty -hand material applicable...
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    Check your carry guns....

    Pretty disturbing week and a half. During spring quals last week my pocket gun up and died on me. Trigger kaput; non-recoverable. OK; I can live with that. It's a KelTec P32 with a couple thousand rounds through it. Yes, I said a couple thousand. Yes, I know you arent supposed to shoot...
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    So how much Practice do you do?

    How many rounds per year? Training courses? Coaching? Do you compete?
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    If you have to ask.....

    mall ninja 1
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    I have learned that my department is sending me to Shepherdstown the first week of June. Since a number of you reside in the area can you tell me what there is to do/see/enjoy (besides fascinating highway safety round table discussions....)? Thanks; Chad
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    Almost afraid to put this up.....

    Into the abyss... *edited to fix the url*
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    Delaware Camp; commentary, not really a review...

    Well, the first Delaware WMAA camp has come to a close. I missed th elast due due to work (though I was able to sneak in and spend a few minutes this morning as things got underway...) I spent way too much time off the mat dealing with the things that come up, but to give a quick overview...
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    Something positive

    After the drug and transplant thread I just felt a need to post something positive and upbeat. So... Here is hoping none of you are actually in need of an organ transplant. And that you have kept interaction with repeat offenders to a minimum this week :D
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    S&T: Vehicle preparedness

    Something a little different... What self defense issues have people thought about that could arise while driving or otherwise in their cars? What planning have you done to deal with or avoid the situations. Please don't limit to simple snatch &grabs or carjacking scenarios (though those are...
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    Seminar review; Kali Atienza

    Guros Carl and Allain Atienza taught a five hour seminar in Upper Darby, PA this past saturday. While the seminar was open, the participants were all either members of the Upper Darby Sayoc Kali group or students of the Atienzas. For those not familiar Kali Atienza is primarily a blade...
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    WMAA Seminar in Philly

    Sal Todaro and I will be teaching an afternnon Modern Arnis seminar at the Folsom Fire Hall (Philly area) on January 25thfrom 12 noon to 430pm. Planned topics include a review of (or, for newbies, an introduction to) the basic disarms, cane and empty hand, basic solo baston sparring/semi...
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    Modern Arnis and other FMAs

    Rich asked a while if I would post a discussion of the differences/similarities/relation between Modern Arnis and Sayoc Kali. After thinking how to answer for a bit I think the better question, and the broader one, if how does Modern Arnis fit with the other arts you study, Filipino or not. I...
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    CT seminar review

    Slightly belated, October was a hectic month for me. On October 26th I attened the annual friendship seminar in Willimantic, CT hosted by Donald Soucy. The event was essentially an open mat seminar where different instructors presented their art with a view towards sharing. This year for...