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    1st Dan

    I haven't written in quite some time. And, with injuries occasionally slowing me down, wasn't sure I would get to this point. Today I achieved 1st Dan. I have written in support of others over the past few years and have allways appreciated the comments of others on this site. I have repeatedly...
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    Testing next month, 1st Dan

    I wish you luck. You will succeed. I tested today for my first Dan. After 3.5 years, and at 51 years of age. I succeeded and you will too.
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    Not quite quitting

    Matt, I have read your posting, and I must say I am glad to see you have not decided to quit all together. I have had simillar descisions to make due to a variety of injuries. At 50 I sometimes feel I am pushing my luck, but the level of enjoyment I gain from continuing far outways any pain I...
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    Noob question - Which martial art style for an adult?

    22 is far from old. I started TKD 2 years ago at 48. If I had started at 22 I would possibly had studied 2 or 3 arts by now. What ever you decide, make sure you are enjoying yourself, or you may not continue. For an overall great work out, I would recommend Taekwondo at any age.
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    Tendon/Ligament repair

    Due to multiple ankle injuries over the years, I was about ready to throw in the towel. The TKD I have been practicing seemed a bit much to ask of my Achiles Tendon and adjacent Ligaments. I was missing work occasionally, and class. Then I stumbled upon an article in a runners magazine, about...
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    Em, your advise is welcome. Thank You. And, this achilles issue is all to real to me. Hopefully for me, my realization of the seriousness of it, will allow me to work around the problem and benefit from all I can do. For instance, I am probably the least jumping TKD practitioner around. It is...
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    Hi everyone, I recently posted regarding my upcoming promotion. Well, I was successful. Thanks for all the support. As I mentioned before, I am fighting a case of Achilles Tendonitis. Ouch. It was not an issue in my test, but, following my test I was lucky enough to observe a Black Belt test...
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    Beginner: Good distance fighting style??

    Goalie35, Does your name indicate that you have been, or are a hockey goalie? I used to be a goalie and now practice Taekwondo. I find the flexibility requirements of TKD, are fairly close to what they were as goalie. But I believe its all what you make of it. You probably will enjoy any Martial...
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    uncomfortable situation in sparring

    I think maybe you are reading to much into it. He may very well have been winded and just needed to walk away. I would forget about it and if he needs another kick to the head, then so be it.:)
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    Hi everyone, I've been "lurking" for a while since I originally registered, and haven't posted since my original in Meet and Greet. I have been able to continue with TKD throughout my healing from Achilles Tendonitis. As I wrote in an earlier posting, "You don't want anything to do with this...
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    Last night class....Recovery update.

    Matt, I have been nursing a case of achilles tendonitis for about 9 months. You don't want any part of that. I went from playing ice hockey to tkd not considering the changed muscle groups. I am finding the tkd training to be an excellent work out and great fun, but am forced to work around my...
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    Taking first promotion test!

    You will do fine. I recently tested for the first time in TKD with some fairly serious achilles tendon issues. My test went very well. So will yours. Mike
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    estacada mike

    Again, Thank you all for the suggestions. Also, I must say, I am enjoying the forum. Where else can you get response from such a variety of individuals with relatively similar interests. Mike
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    estacada mike

    Thanks again for the input. I have seen a doctor, and am now seeing a phisical therapist. I am hoping this problem is curable, but after re-injuring a couple of times, I have my doubts. I am living and working in the Portland Oregon area. There are a variety of schools in the area. But, I am...
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    estacada mike

    Thanks Terry, I think Tae chi is far to slow. I am interested in a more energetic work out. I'll continue with TKD with my kids, but I am not able do the jumps. I am very frustrated with that. Wish me luck. Mike
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    estacada mike

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, and new to martial arts. I turned 48 about the time I followed my kids to thier TKD class, and thought I'd give it a shot. Well, I strained my achilles tendon and am thinking maybe there is a different Art out there that would be more appropriate for me, given my...