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    Big Question-Maybe dumb question

    Are all Jujutsu styles samurai in origin? Didn't Japan have fighting styles that the average citizen practiced? Did any survive to today? Thank you.
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    Common people's kung fu?

    Hi , I recently read something online about kung fu. It was saying something about there being kung fu of the common people. (Not my wording) But what the article was referring to was styles that weren't shaolin or taoist temple styles. I'd assume they also meant nonmilitary styles too. Which...
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    boxing question

    Hi, in the Rocky 3 movie Apollo Creed is coaching Rocky. They're doing this foot work that almost looks like they're dancing. Can someone tell me what's it called? Thanks.
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    JKD questions

    Hi everyone I'm a bit confused about JKD. First let me say I'm not a student or expert. I've just been exploring it a bit. Everyone seems to say JKD is simple. The individual execution of techniques is simple, that much is obvious. But to me it seems like the circculum is quite complex. The...
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    Kenpo question

    Hey everyone, does anyone know which kenpo or chuan fa systems wear red uniforms?
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    advise me

    Hi when it comes to learning I'm not good at remembering individual fact. I have an easier time learning rhymes. To me 1&3 step sparring is like learning individual facts. While on the other hand forms,routines,katas, sets,taolu are more like a rhyme. So I'm wanting a style that's primary...