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    Typhoon Haiyan Relief Seminar - Raleigh, NC

    orry for the short notice, but for these types of tragedies, its best to act quickly and while it is fresh in everyone's mind. This Saturday, November 23, 2013 - Foundations Seminar to Benefit Victims of Typhoon Haiyan Location: Triangle Kung Fu Arnis Academy 3601 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC...
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    new school opening in Indian Trail, NC

    Just wanted to announce the opening of Corey Family Martial Arts in Indian Trail, NC. We opened our doors last month (Sept. 2010) and are very excited about this venture. We are offering classes in Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Balintawak. We also run an afterschool program...
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    garlic knife myth?

    A guy at work, who has seen more than his share of trouble with the law, talked about a knife tactic that was "passed down" from his grandfather. He said that if you rub onion/garlic juice over your knife blade before a fight, that it would make it very difficult for you opponent to heal...