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  1. shesulsa

    CMAA New code of ethics eff. 01/01/2010

    As some of you know, our group split from the World Hwa Rang Do Association some time ago and are bound by copyright restrictions to not copy everything they do. In an interest to stay loyal to my teachings, I did some research on creeds and codes and after much ado and many requests for a...
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    Last week of vacation

    Since most of my students are young children, I mirror the school district's scholastic calender for Holiday vacations, hence this is my second week off from martial arts classes. It feels like a month! I'm jotting down pieces of articles I write for the newsletter and am assembling study...
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    The latest at Columbia

    Well, my incredibly anxious student left after pushing her just a wee bit. Her mother wound up approaching the former instructor for private lessons. That's fine by me. My autistic student is doing really well after some trials and tribulations. I gained two students in the form of...
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    Mem Or Ee Do (Memory-Do)

    I can't believe I forgot one of the most important aspects of autism - anxiety upon the new. My autistic student - we'll call him Timmy - was SO excited to get promoted to yellow belt! He couldn't wait for his study sheet, his belt, and ... alas ... he is rejecting learning his new techniques...
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    Second color rank test

    Last week, two white belts and two orange belts (one of them my son) tested for rank promotion and all passed. Interesting ... I announced they would be testing and set the date just before I found out that all of the students (not my son) would be leaving for out-of-town vacations for two...
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    "I really don't want to learn anything new today."

    This was the opening statement by my 13-year-old student. You know. The one with the performance anxiety? So I said, "Okay," and after warmups proceeded to teach her six new techniques. She didn't balk. I saw a lot of eye rolling, sighing, wrong moves (clearly on purpose) but I didn't go...
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    Successful, tiny little test.

    So my teen white belt passed with flying colors last night, as expected. I'm starting a thread to discuss test anxiety and options. Probably more interesting was the demonstration my teacher was giving in the hall to a teen boy who came on to my daughter and wanted to see "what would you do if...
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    First student test Wednesday

    Tomorrow night, I'll be conducting the first test for my school. This student has been in white belt for about a year, has all her material down pat and deserves to grade. It will be short, sweet and easy, but I'm looking forward to my first act of promoting a student of my own. :)
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    No news on the TKD front

    I only had a short exchange with the instructor last week when there was a confusion with my room. He asked how I was and I replied I was okay but would be better if I had a room to teach in. The curiosity between his students and my class prevails, but haven't heard disparaging comments...
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    Teens students were jumped

    I have two (I know, I know) teens other than my daughter and my tweener in that class. One is a girl who has some sensory issues and performance anxiety. She is STRONG. I was told that she was so anxious that she wouldn't even go into the classroom on her first day. You can't keep her out of...
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    Progress - younger class

    So my young endeavor into teaching my own class of students has already proven fruitful. All the kids came in with the same attribute in all of them that I've seen from them since before I took the classes over - a lack of enthusiasm. We have been working on improving blocking effectiveness...
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'Tonight we dance'

    Well, last night the community center screwed up and gave my classroom to a grad party ... which wasn't to happen until after my classes were over. So we trained outside in the grass, away from the TKD class.
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    Tonight we dance

    Tonight will be the first night back at the community center next door to our TKD friends after two weeks of grad parties. Having had a couple of weeks to ponder the situation, I remain committed to being as polite and respectful as possible. We'll see how it goes.
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'Trash-talked by TKD ...'

    I did speak with the director at the center and told him I'll be politely talking with the instructors and will keep them in on the loop, etcetera. Classes for the next two weeks are limited because of grad parties at the center. My classes are canceled as are his. I might mosey on over there...
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'Trash-talked by TKD ...'

    I won't be finding another location ... HE will be. :asian:
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    Trash-talked by TKD ...

    The group who took my spot at the community center, who agreed to live and let live, trash-talked me and my program last night in front of the parents groups for their program and mine. I was teaching at the time and working with an autistic child having a meltdown and ignored them. It's not...
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    Night Two ...

    No other martial art to compete with on Wednesdays, so I had the kids movement class next door followed by belly dancing. And the room wasn't ready again, so we spent 15 minutes helping the center staff move them out. One little guy is such a character - he's funny ... a class clown and he's...
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    Night One ...

    I arrived 30 minutes early to enroll the parents in my program and though all received directions to enroll with me directly and NOT the center, one parent did try to enroll with the TKD instructor, the man I saw at the counter complaining that there was another martial arts class that would...
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    Columbia Martial Arts Academy

    Yeah, I stuck with the "CMAA" theme for the school name. I have most of the alumni returning and may have one new kid - who used to take TKD. That will be a challenge because his old style will be right next door when he trains with me. One returning child is rather autistic and used to have...
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    shesulsa's blog

    shesulsa's blog
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    It just might happen!

    I have been trying to save and now resurrect a kid's martial arts program a colleague of mine taught for some time. She has retired due to medical reasons and the community center where she has been for years replaced her program with another, knowing an instructor was in place to take over...
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'snow tracks'

    Sounds interesting. How'd it go? Ever identify those small tracks?
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'Wrist locks don't work?'

    I've been noticing some of those size-difference instances where certain things work *really* well, especially those "twisty wristy" applications. Here's hoping he's okay.
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'TDK hyungs, Shotokan Forms, and Lisa'

    Lisa, it's all your fault anyway, remember?
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    Comment by 'shesulsa' in 'Mauna Kula and my new direction'

    Best of Hawaii's luck to you!
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