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  1. Gemini

    Wide angle vs Panoramic

    Amateur question. What, if any, is the difference between a wide angle and panoramic lense?
  2. Gemini

    Brain Study

    Can someone tell me what this says? :mst:
  3. Gemini

    Unsubscribe to Supporting Membership

    Not that anyone would ever consider such a thing, but because your annual supporting membership is auto renewal, what is the process to unsubscribe should the need arise?
  4. Gemini

    My 1st Surgery

    So after apparently what was a pretty good run, I had my first surgery last Wed night when my Gallbladder decided to "stone up". Amazingly painful. I say "apparently" because what I gathered from the staff, most people end up being admitted for some surgery or another at a much younger age. I...
  5. Gemini

    I'm on a roll. and it isn't a good one.

    Last week I nearly took the tip of my finger off restoring a car. I just got back in the dojang Thursday and last night I dropped my bike and took 14 stitches up my heel, just missing my achilles tendon (which granted would have been much worse). Superficial as they are (relatively speaking), I...
  6. Gemini

    Mental Preparation: What works for you?

    I was recently asked to do something that I really dislike...public speaking. While I'm not by any means bad at it, neither does it come naturally and it takes a lot of mental preparation on my part to pull it off successfully. The reason I raise the issue here is because it was my mental...
  7. Gemini

    I'm back too.

    Hello again, MT! First, I must apologize to some of the senior members and staff here. My departure, or more accurately, disappearance such as it was, though not ill intended should have been handled better. You deserved better. I realize I burned a few bridges and only hope to rebuild at...
  8. Gemini

    August 2-6 WTF Tournaments...Busy Weekend

    Is anyone planning on attending either of these tournaments? The 3rd Yong-In University Presidential Cup International Taekwondo Championship Aug 2-4 or 2nd Las Vegas Open Taekwondo Championships Aug 3-6 I can't find any details other than the WTF web site for this. Though I would of...
  9. Gemini

    I just gotta share this...

    For those who know me, I'm not one to blow my own horn. I'm VERY self critical, and seldom content with my own achievements. But this past Thursday, I even had to tell myself, "you done good, old man". I just had my 48th birthday. My physical abilities are declining but my progress is still...
  10. Gemini

    How does your art compete?

    In Taekwondo, we talk alot about competition, including sparring styles, poomses (kata), breaking, etc. But there are many arts out there that I've never seen in a competition or heard any discussion about. So my question is: Does your art compete and if so, in what form?
  11. Gemini

    Driving: Pet Peeves

    If you drive, you have 'em. What are they? I HATE someone driving slow in the passing lane right next to a car and won't move. When they finally do get past, they speed up faster than you intended to go in the first place, get next to another car, and slow down again. arrrgggg. Another. (I...
  12. Gemini

    What is a sine wave?

    I've heard therm used from ITF practitioners, and I know it has to do with motion, but what type of motion? Where did it come from? For what purpose? Do any others arts use it? I know, lots of questions. Any insite is appreciated though.
  13. Gemini

    How many of you actually prefer to go to the ground?

    From what I've read, many TKD schools don't teach or put much emphasis on ground fighting. I feel fortunate that I go to a school that doesn't subscribe to that train of thought as I feel it's a very real part of self defense. In thinking about it and talking with other students, I came to...
  14. Gemini

    What's you favorite quote or saying?

    Could be just because you find it catchy, maybe it's the root of your existence or motivates your training, or somewhere in between. What works for you and (if you care to share) why? Such as, "In persuit of perfection, we acheive excellence". Not even sure who said it or even if it's exactly...
  15. Gemini

    Two Schools of thought in Teaching

    Which one fits you better and why? 1. New students are taught their techniques and promote based on their ability to remember and execute their techniques. Practical application is pretty much a secondary issue until after Black Belt. Weakness being, less than capable Black belts. Strength...
  16. Gemini

    If you couldn't practice your art anymore...

    Say you moved to a new area that the art you practiced either wasn't available, or the quality of instruction was poor. Say also, any other art was available and with a respectible instructor. What would you study and why? I have a reason for asking...
  17. Gemini

    Executing a form with your eyes closed

    Anyone else practice this? We had a black belt test today and the participants were required to do 3 poomses with their eyes closed. I understand (having had to do them myself from time to time) the reasoning behind it, but I thought 3 was a bit over the top. Anyone else require your students to...
  18. Gemini

    Kind of a silly question, but...

    at our school, it's common practice to sew the bottoms of uniform pants just enough to get our ankles through, so we can keep them baggy, but don't trip over them. I'm asking because it's very possible I'll be going to a new school in a new state and I think about incidental things like this. Is...
  19. Gemini

    What makes a "Master"?

    Stumbled across an old thread posted by Bob many, many years ago. It was great reading, but I realized almost all (except for Bob) have since faded into the sunset. With all the new new members since then, I thought it would be interesting to get a new perspective on an old topic.
  20. Gemini

    Question on Kumdo - Shanai

    What's the difference (or advantage) of the man made shanai over the traditional bamboo? I want to try one, but don't really want to spend $80 + for one if there's not much more to it? Anyone?
  21. Gemini

    Hyung vs Poomse

    Just curious. What is the difference between Hyung and Poomse? Though both Korean arts, TSD uses Hyung to describe a form and TKD uses the term Poomse. Though used in the same context, why would one art use one term while another art uses a second term. Please clarify what I'm missing. Thanks,
  22. Gemini

    Where'd USAT Go?

    I have a new PC and wanted to add it to my favorites. Instead , I'm gettin' a Triathlon page and it says the domain name for USTU is expired. Can anyone give me the link? Thanks, yo.
  23. Gemini

    A question for those who teach

    Have you found it more effective to teach a single drill over and over until a student understands and can execute it before moving on or teaching an entire regime and let students pick up parts of it at their own pace? It seems to me teaching a single technique or drill repeatedly would be...
  24. Gemini

    A Politically Correct Merry Christmas

    Disclaimer: For all who would take offense, It's just a joke. :) To My Republican Friends: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To My Democratic Friends: "Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible...
  25. Gemini

    So what exactly IS a Taeguek anyway?

    In class tonight, we got into a discussion regarding the Taeguek forms. It's not something we normally do, because all the students being different levels, aren't at the point where they follow such things. Tonight was all 2nd dans and a high colored belt. Specialty class! I love 'em. So as...
  26. Gemini

    Paid Help.

    At my school, a few of us always helped with the classes. There was no charge, just our pleasure to do it. We were, after all, gaining something from it just for the experience. Now, we have high schoolers (and some adults) that are referred to as Staff, and get paid. Just doesn't seem right to...
  27. Gemini

    Looking for info: Dartfish

    Has anybody used this? If so, please explain how it works and the benefits you've found from using it. How difficult is it to learn. Thanks!
  28. Gemini

    Demonstration Kicking

    Who does them? What's your favorite? I love doing these. Not to get into the validity of the kicks themselves, this is just for fun. It gives me a great sense of accomplishmnet when I pull these off. At 47, it's not getting any easier, but I still don't think I've peeked. Some of the...
  29. Gemini

    Quitting smoking=weight gain. WHY?

    Did a search, but didn't come up with much. I'd heard it's because of the "hand to mouth" habit, but have known people that quit and dieted at the same time, only to still gain weight. So I then assumed (because cigs are a stimulant) that it had to do with ones matabolism slowing down. Not...
  30. Gemini

    Getting back in the saddle

    Everyone who competes on a regular basis will sooner or later run into an opponent who is far superior than themselves. I have seen competitors who have folded under the load and never returned, and others who are able to pick themselves up, brush themselves off and return. My question is, what...