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    Maurice Smith on karate, GSP, Machida, and Hidehiko Yoshida
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    Phil Baroni on Anderson Silva - That would be my dream fight and I would beat him". Them's fightin words!
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    David Camarillo on Jon Fitch fighting Georges St. Pierre - "I think Fitch will be the toug
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    Lucia Rijker on why the Dutch are so good at kickboxing

    Lucia Rijker on fighting Gina Carano, what made Bas Rutten and Rob Kaman so great, why the Dutch are so good, and much more! Very good read especially for the people that train.
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    Jason Mayhem Miller - How awesome would it be to say I beat up Sakuraba.
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    Marc Laimon Part 3 - Tito Ortiz is the new Ken Shamrock! It will be interesting to see what happens today. He will either look like a genius or a jackass.
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    Marc Laimon on Royce Gracie's BJJ - It's actually ****.
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    Kimbo Slice responds to Dana White and Chuck Liddell
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    Matt Hamill on Quinton Jackson - He would be a challenging opponent for me.
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    Cabbage on BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk - "First round demolition of Sean Sherk".
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    Eddie Bravo discusses rematch with Royler Gracie, Fedor and the rubber guard, and Marcelo

    Enjoy! Ask the Experts - Eddie Bravo discusses a rematch with Royler Gracie, who is the best grappler on the planet, and how the Rubber Guard would do against Fedor.
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    Mauricio "Shogun" Rua on Chuck Liddell - I want to fight him for sure.

    Hi Guys, This is my first of many posts here. Saw this posted elsewhere: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua on Chuck Liddell - I want to fight him for sure, if possible in 2008.