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  1. psi_radar

    Who got some?

    So I heard a statistic a ways back. Apparently patriotism+fireworks= gettin' some. To the degree that more people have sex on July 4 than any other day of the year. Personally, I ignored the obvious signs from my wife and decided to catch up on email. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh well, who...
  2. psi_radar

    "choke points"

    So, I finally got off my *** and started teaching my friends (the majority women) some MA. We go through each person's house and identify the areas most likely to be defended. Assault on the street is not as likely in my area as home invasion. As we ran through possible situations, it's all...
  3. psi_radar

    Downing Steet Memo

    Here's the Downing Street Memo, which proves the widely held suspicions that W purposefully lied to us about the reasons we went into Iraq. In most presidencies, this would be enough to impeach. So far, I haven't heard much more than a mouse fart...
  4. psi_radar

    Fer god sakes, somebody in my area must wanna fight

    Hi, I posted the "fight club" post a little ways back. Though I got some great responses from people miles away from me, I'm hoping some locals (Chuck?) will be willing to contact me and fight. The rules are: Respect the tap out No eye gouges or fish hooks If we decide to not wear...
  5. psi_radar

    Safety Demonstration

    What NOT to do at a gun safety demonstration...
  6. psi_radar

    Fight Club

    Note to Mods: I posted this in MMA but I thought it might be applicable here as well. Please relocate if there's a more appropriate spot. My old fighting buddy moved out of town a ways back, and I need some new fight partners. I'm looking for people with some control and skill that aren't...
  7. psi_radar

    Fight club

    Hey, My old fighting buddy moved out of town a ways back, and I need some new fight partners. I'm looking for people with some control and skill that aren't afraid to get a bloody nose or two, with a mind toward improving skills, with an emphasis on keeping their training spontaneous and...
  8. psi_radar

    Recoil buffers--placebo or real?

    I took my AK up to the range last weekend with a new BlackJack recoil buffer installed. This was an impulse buy--since I was already getting a new fire control group from the same store, I ordered one of these just to try it out. Now maybe it was just a placebo affect in addition to the...
  9. psi_radar

    Extractors for M1 Carbines

    My M1 carbine keeps on eating extractors--2 in one year, only about 200 rounds through it. After the first extractor crapped out I bought a new bolt from Fulton Armory. Now this one has chipped enough to be completely useless and/or dangerous. I'll take it to a gunsmith to get replaced, but I'm...
  10. psi_radar

    Cheap but reliable 7.62x39mm ammo

    I just brought a SAR 1 home, bought some ammo at the local Walmart and realized REAL fast that's not the best way to do it. I spent about $30 on 60 rounds--enough to fill two magazines. I saw some alternatives on a few internet outlets. On I found some Silver Bear ammo...
  11. psi_radar


    You can just see it coming like a softball slow pitch. "Powell partially confirmed claims by an Iranian opposition group that Tehran is deceiving the United Nations and is attempting to secretly continue activities meant to give it atomic arms by next year": Iran May Be Trying to Make...
  12. psi_radar

    Best ways to sell/trade

    I've been lucky over the past few years to accumulate quite a firearms collection due to inheritances and other circumstances. I love guns, but since I didn't pick most of my collection out, I'm left with a lot of what I'd consider superfluous or impractical weapons (at least for me). For...
  13. psi_radar

    What hit the Pentagon?

    An interesting piece of multimedia concerning the 9/11 strike on the Pentagon. Sorry if this is a re-post. Hypothetical: So, if what hit the pentagon was not a 757, what was it and what happened to the plane that went missing?
  14. psi_radar

    Attack in Thailand

    A friend of mine just came back from southeast Asia. He had one particularly bad night in Thailand in which he was involved in three violent incidents, robbed twice, and stared down the muzzle of guns on two separate occasions. Yep, rough night. He survived though, so he considers himself...
  15. psi_radar

    Hand position

    Curious to know-- When sparring, do you prefer the "standard" kenpo hand position in a neutral bow--forward hand high, rear hand protecting the midsection, or a variant (e.g. both hands high like a boxer)? Please explain why it's your preference. To start, I like to keep both hands high...