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  1. jfarnsworth

    Competed in a tournamnet

    about 3 weeks ago now I competed in a local yocal tournament. It was kind of a small one but what do you do. Anyway, I am going to post a video of me doing short 3 during the tournament. One of my colleagues took the video & posted it up on youtube. Hope you all find it good...
  2. jfarnsworth

    Ohio Kenpoists

    I'm having an issue using google searches & to know who is doing what. I don't normally post on the martialtalk website but I am posting here b/c I want to know who actually out there in Ohio does Parker's Kenpo? Please sign here, & if you don't mind where about in Ohio you train. There are a...
  3. jfarnsworth

    Kenpo in Nashville

    I have a student who will be going to Nashville soon to visit family & friends. He would like to visit another kenpo school along the way. If he likes the place he may viist the same school as he travels to Nashville pretty often throughout the year. I teach Parker's Kenpo so if you know of a...
  4. jfarnsworth

    Ok, Then

    I didn't want to PM anybody. I actually wanted a slight "semi public" discussion. In one of the threads I created within the last day I have a small problem with. I personally don't post on MT or on KT much. Not really too many threads have interested me. However, on KT I frequent the forum...
  5. jfarnsworth

    Serious review

    I put this up on kenpotalk but more people frequent here. I'm looking for a true, serious answer. This is what i posted there: I am looking for a serious review on Mr. Trejo's dvd series... ABC's of Kenpo. What I don't want is a personal attack. No slamming of the product or any sort. I've...
  6. jfarnsworth

    Parker / Planas Training Seminar

    Training Seminar Parker/Planas Kenpo Featuring Professor Joe Doyle (6th) At Jason Farnsworths training facility in Lexington, Ohio October 18th, 2009 Advanced Kenpo training will be practiced from 10 to 12 at a cost of $50.00 per student with a second seminar offered for...
  7. jfarnsworth

    needing help

    2 or 3 days ago I downloaded the IE7 upgrade. Ever since then I can't get into my facebook account, myspace account, or even get into my yahoo email account. I never had this problem until the moment that downloaded. Today I tried to reset my computer back to monday. The good 'ole pc would not...
  8. jfarnsworth

    Question for you TKD guy's

    You all probably know that I rarely post on here any longer. There's not enough time in my day to work, then teach, try to visit with the kids then get on the 'net & try to balance wifey somewhere in there too. Recently I've been struggling with something. I would like to know your input before...
  9. jfarnsworth

    Kenpo Karate Training - Lexington, OH

    Located at the Spirit of Ohio Sports Academy 235 Lexington-Industrial Dr. Lexington, OH 44904 419-884-0199 Teaching Ed Parker's Kenpo through the Planas lineage. All classes taught by 4th Degree BB, Jason Farnsworth. Classes are monday & wednesday evening. Kid's classes are 5:30-6. 6-6:30...
  10. jfarnsworth

    Kenpoists in central, north-central, & northern Ohio!!!!

    For the past several weeks I've been working on a project. A project to bring the kenpo community together. A chance for us to train together. A class to where we can come to train together without issues of lineage, association, personal interpretation, or rank. The problem I'm seeing is that...
  11. jfarnsworth

    Ohio Kenpoists!

    Just confirmed about an hour ago. I spoke with Mr. Brad Marshall on the phone. During his trip from Iowa to the east coast & back again he will be stopping by my place for an evening of training. This will be held on Monday, Sept. 8th. My adult class is from 6:30-8. If you are in the area...
  12. jfarnsworth

    colored belt forms

    You know, I've been so intrigued by these that, unfortunately I've let some of my other forms go to the back burner (so to speak). These forms have such great value, I'm very honored to be let in on the "secret":wink2:. Yet, another great tool to take the idea of just mere practicing a technique...
  13. jfarnsworth


    Has anyone else tried to download any new patches and/or securities in the last couple of weeks? Each time I try and download it comes up saying bad checkscum. I was curious if anyone else had that show up and what'd they do?
  14. jfarnsworth

    Weight Lifting

  15. jfarnsworth

    Spreading Branch

  16. jfarnsworth

    Alternating Maces

  17. jfarnsworth

    Sword of Destruction

  18. jfarnsworth

    new install

    Today I installed a dvd-rom in my computer. I thought I had everything hooked up as far as the directions went. For some reason it won't play a dvd or rotate internally. I put the dvd disc in to install and it won't turn. It opens and closes, lights come on but it just doesn't seem to work. The...
  19. jfarnsworth

    I wanted to say something to all in the TKD room

    I believe we finally have some really good knowledgable people and a lot of good conversation lately. It's finally nice to see some interaction without all of the bickering. This is why I have come from out of the shadows to post again. I may not be as experienced as the rest of you but I'll add...
  20. jfarnsworth

    memory question

    My pc just gave me a warning saying my virtual memory is used up or at full capacity and pages won't load properly. What the heck does that mean? I've never seen that pop up before :idunno: . How do I clear up some of this virtual memroy?
  21. jfarnsworth


    Still here? :idunno:
  22. jfarnsworth

    How hard would it be?

    Does anyone know how hard it would be to get the closed refineries back up and running? Is it a matter of only pushing a few buttons? Are they so outdated the EPA will have a burr in their *** and say it'll take years and millions of dollars to get them up to date and working? I'm sitting here...
  23. jfarnsworth

    Need some help here.

    Ok, in our office one company has a DSL line. The other 2 of us were going to plug into a router so we could use the dsl line as well. Now, long story short. We can't get the router to work. Chuck's company tested the router before they gave it to him. It's supposedly good. I brought in brand...
  24. jfarnsworth


    Anybody doing anything lately? :idunno:
  25. jfarnsworth

    Figures as much!

    To wake up here in Ohio on April 23 to find snow flying and a layer on the ground. (insert: crying smilie here) On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work in a short sleeved silk shirt. Tomorrow I'll probably have to get the winter hat out again. :rolleyes: I hate Ohio. :jedi1:
  26. jfarnsworth


    I'm having difficulties with 2 supposed viruses on my computer. Norton anti-virus recognizes they are there but apparently can't delete them. I constantly run a scan but it seems about 20 minutes on my pc then it slows way down. I start to receive norton pop ups saying it identified a spybot...
  27. jfarnsworth

    Question about windows2000

    As many of you have followed my saga here with my computer I finally got it up and running last week. It's working great. Now my question is; While I'm on the internet I receive pop-ups every now and then that say windows has detected a virus go to this www. (fill in the blank) web site to...
  28. jfarnsworth

    Ah man!

    Yesterday I was teaching a sparring class and I believe that I broke my foot kicking an elbow. Obviously over the years I've kicked elbows and have been bruised but not like this before. I can't hardly put pressure on it plus the entire top of my instep is purple and swelled up :rolleyes: . Oh...
  29. jfarnsworth

    My PC

    Is finally fixed and working. Thanks to CFR and his help. The only problem I have at this moment is that I can't get the modem driver to work. I thought I had the driver backed up on a cd that I made but apparently I didn't. Also, went on the HP website for my PC but the modem driver wasn't...
  30. jfarnsworth


    We just started winter and it's a whole whopping 0 degrees already. It's not fit for man or beast outside! Man, I hate winter.