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  1. Sanke

    My first Tameshigiri

    Hi all, I recently had my first session of Tameshigiri, and it was damn fun! And (thanks in no small part to my seniors) gained allot of insight into my cutting. I wanted to ask, have many of you also had a chance to do this before? And if so, how often? I'm curious as to how common this is...
  2. Sanke

    Tachi/Katana distinction.

    There's something I've been wondering for some time now, when it comes to the Japanese sword: Is there a clear distinction between a tachi and a katana? My understanding was that tachi were used on battlefields, had a different style of fittings, were mounted on the belt (rather than thrust...
  3. Sanke


    Hi all, I wonder if anyone would be able to help me out with something. I've been playing around with a wall-hanger I got in Sydney a little while back, not really any good for training with, but it's more or less got all the pieces in the right place, so I've been using it to practice...