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    dislike of a musical form but learning it anyway - it's part of the curriculum

    Hi, I used to go to another school, but left it in 2006 (at red belt). About 18 months ago I caught up with one of the instructors who used to teach there. He started his own school and I ended up hired to assist classes and whatnot. I wasn't thinking about styles and the fact that this school...
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    BB training for 1st dan - how does yours work (not the test, the training for it)

    Hi, There are 7 of us that need to prepare for the school's first black belt test (if you count the girl who barely shows up for classes and the 2 who joined our rank last Saturday). The owner/teacher has a lot going on and doesn't have much time for us. The master wants to help, but we need to...
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    What can I do to counter him and better handle similar situations in the future

    Hi, Everyone at the school is too busy to discuss this and I want to start preparing to deal with this opponent (and future reactions to similar situations) asap. I am an adult assistant at this tkd school where there is no class for adults. I haven't gotten to spar much in recent months. Most...
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    newer types of footgear

    Hi, I happened upon a picture where two tkd people sparring had a different kind of footgear. I was only familiar with the dipped foam kind and the clothe-covered socky pull ons. The ones in the pic looked like the shoes with a separate space for each toe and it looked like they pull on like...
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    Website with written MA homework or assignments?

    Hi, I've heard some MA schools have a special program or system including leadership training and/or homework. My school doesn't have something like that, so I was looking for a website. Specifically homework or written assignments. Not physical ones like, "do 10 slow side kick, 10 fast side...
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    suggestions for books like these?

    Hi, I'm interested in reading some books (fiction or non-fiction) where part of the plotline includes one of these: ~an abused woman or a child who learns to help herself and overcome the situation. ~a person doesn't think they are good enough, and how they come to learn differently, or...
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    a spectator's guide to BJJ?

    Hi, I was looking for something like an online spectator's guide to BJJ. Can someone point me to something like that? Thanks :)
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    assisting youth classes: dealing with problem behavior

    Hi, I'm interested to hear ideas for handling problem behaviors, specifically kids not adults :D I'm assisting kid TKD classes and I've got a few behaviors specifically in mind. The whiner, the chatter, and the show off. Had all 3 in one class today, multiple whiners and chatters - and one...
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    TKD fitness, running newbie; ideas?

    Hi, So I've never done much running outside of school and class times. I've come back from 5 years of being physically inactive. I can't spar strong for very long at all. I have 3 belts before black and I know I'll need better fitness by then. So, running. My boss/instructor wants me to do 10...
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    Mats for home training

    Hi, So I'm thinking of clearing a bigger space for training. I don't think it's healthy to spend too much time on cold, hard tile barefoot, and I prefer not to practice in shoes, so I'm thinking about getting some kind of mats. I don't want to break the bank or anything and it does need to be...
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    amount of space needed to practice forms

    Hi, I've been thinking about how much space I need to practice forms. I know you can shrink it to fit a smaller space, I know you can break it down into parts that fit the space you have, you can sort of step in place, etc. When I googled it I was coming up with those kinds of suggestions...
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    help: 360 jump, land w knife hand

    Hi, I have a TKD red belt and I'm working on form Pyung Wa. There is a 360 jump from horse stance, land in horse stance with knife hand. It hurts my adductor muscles (groin) when I jump and I haven't managed to finish correctly yet. How normal is that pain, and what suggestions do you have to...