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    What is your favorite art?

    :) Hi everyone! I was just wondering what everyone's favorite art is. It can be an art you take, or just like to watch, or are just interested in. Mine is pry either JKD or kung fu. Both I've watched, and they look very neat and effective. I tried JKD, but just couldn't seem to get the swing...
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    Two Questions

    Hello martial talk moderators/help peoples, You guys run a great site! It's my favorite! Anywho, I was wondering two things. When's the next MT Meet and Greet and where's it going to be? and two (or Three) How do I post pictures in the photo galleries or get on coppermine? Thanks for your...
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    Martial art video games

    hello everyone! I was wondering what martial art/fighting games everyone likes. My husband and I like the Dynasty Warriors series the best with Da Qiao as my favorite character (hence the avatar). We just got the latest game in that series, Dynasty Warriors 5: Extreme Legends. We also like...
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    Martial Art Attire

    Hey all! I know I've been writing alot of threads lately, but just now my brain came out with some good ones (at least I think they are). Do any of you wear martial art shirts or would you rather keep the fact that you are a martial artist a secret to outsiders? I've got two shirts, but only...
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    Weapons Forums

    Hey all! Another thread brought to you by Becky Bear Industries, Inc. I was wondering (this is mainly a moderator question I guess) why there isn't a forum for regular martial art weapons like nun chuks, sai, bo staffs, etc. All I saw is knives, swords, and guns. I'd like a place to talk...
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    New Year's Resolutions

    Hey everyone! Another thread brought to you by Becky Bear Industries, Inc. If it's not too personal, what are your New Year's resolutions? Have an martial art resolutions? My resolutions are actually quite a few. I'm going to shed my vanity pounds, get better at belly dance, and throw...
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    Martial Arts is Your Life, So what's Your Hobby?

    I was wondering, if martial arts is your life, what's your hobby/hobbies? What other things do you do or are interested in? Sure we all have to work (unfortunately) or we'd all be martial art monks/nuns by now. LOL I like to belly dance (for any woman trying to find something aerobic that you...
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    Asian culture

    Hi everyone! :) Becky here, bringing you another new and exciting thread from Becky Bear Industries! OK, that was my moment of silliness for the day :). Anyway, I know we are all martial artists, but I wondered how many of you like the actual Asian culture? I don't care for alot of their food...
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    Art Devotion

    How devoted are you to your martial art? Are you devoted to one art or many? How hard did you find it to pull away from your first martial art? Do you think devotion to one art is a good or bad thing? I ask these questions because I'm a taekwondoist by mind but a cross-trainer by spirit. I...
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    If You Weren't in Martial Arts......

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering....If you weren't in martial arts, perish the thought but, what sport or hobby would you be in? Or if you are lucky and have the funds and time to do something else too, what are you into? I would like to do so many things but time and money are short. I'd...
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    Chatting with other martial artists

    Hey all! I was just noticing to myself how hard it is to meet other martial artists online. This is the first site I've seen dedicated to meeting and talking with other martial artists. So if anyone knows any martial art chat rooms, or has MSN messenger or Yahoo, please tell me as I'd love to...
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    Which Weapon/Weapons Do You Favor?

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite weapon/weapons is/are? Any that you hate? My favorite is the sai (hence the name), but I also enjoy the fighting fans, the nunchuks, shuriken, and the whip chain. I've only found one weapon I don't like, the bo staff, as I did it for 4 yrs and still...
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    kung fu school

    Hi. I'm having one heck of a time trying to find kung fu schools near wear I live. I live in Ft. Wayne, In and was wondering if anyone knew of any schools within an hour radius of there. If you don't know where Ft. Wayne is, it's in NE Indiana, so if anyone knows, please tell. :)
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    Have any of you married martial artists?

    Hi! I just wondered if any of you married martial artists after being in martial arts for awhile? Or, did you start martial arts because your husband or wife was in it? I'm going to marry a martial artist in July, and thank God for that as he knows the importance of training to me. I was in...
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    If You Weren't in Martial Arts, What Would You Do To Stay in Shape?

    Hey all! Becky here! :) I was just wondering what everyone would do to stay in shape if you weren't in martial arts..... If you are in something else besides martial arts, you can mention that too. I'd like to be in ballet, gymnastics, and figure skating, but because of time and money...
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    thinking of kung fu

    Hi! I'm thinking of starting kung fu in a couple of months. Can anyone tell me the difference between the northern and southern kung fu systems? How well do you like your kung fu? What weapons do u do? Thanx!:-partyon: Becky
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    Chat Room

    I think you guys should put a chat room on here. That'd be awesome. So many martial artists talking firsthand! A martial art chat room is just what the net needs!:-partyon: