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  1. Hong Kong Pooey

    Chi Sau - Can Different Styles/Branches Roll Together?

    So this other thread threw up something I found interesting - post 11 onward - and rather than derail it I thought I'd start a new one. To put it very simply, my understanding was that the aim of Chi-Sau...
  2. Hong Kong Pooey

    Bong Sau

    This is something I really seem to struggle with, a lot of the time I'm either too tense or it collapses, too high or too low. I think it's ok in SNT but when we're doing applications is when it seems to go wrong. Do you guys have any great tips or insights that can help flick the switch so the...
  3. Hong Kong Pooey

    Protein Supplements and WC

    It's something I know very little about, hence the question. There appear to be many, many products out there but I don't know if any of them are a good idea or not. Any of you guys ever use anything like this and is/was it beneficial to your WC in the long run? I'm not looking to bulk up but...
  4. Hong Kong Pooey

    Is this allowed in MMA?

    The elbow strike around 35:30 I must confess to a large degree of ignorance when it comes to MMA, hence the question. I watched the first couple of UFCs then got bored when it became all about 'the ground game', but earlier this year caught a few episodes of Bellator and rather enjoyed it...
  5. Hong Kong Pooey

    Best Martial Arts Movies

    What do you think are the best movies that represent, heavily feature, or revolve around a particular martial art or style? I'll kick off with a few, and I mean best overall movie rather than technically authentic: Boxing - Rocky Jeet Kune Do - Enter the Dragon Wing Chun - Ip Man Taekwondo...
  6. Hong Kong Pooey

    Real WC Videos?

    Steve asked pretty much the same question that I'm going to in another thread, and it's something I've been thinking about for a while, so thought I'd start a dedicated one. Are there any decent clips out there of people using WC in a real fight (or even competition I suppose) and...
  7. Hong Kong Pooey

    Wrestling to MMA

    Has anyone from WWE or just anybody with a sports entertainment style wrestling background ever crossed over into UFC or any other non-scripted MMA competition? If so how did they get on?
  8. Hong Kong Pooey

    Wall Bag Filler & Hanging

    My Si-Hing said to use rice, do you guys agree or have any other suggestions? I've heard some people prefer beans but not sure why, or even if I can buy them in sufficient quantity from my local supermarket. Second point is that I live in a block of 8 flats and if I just bang my hand against...
  9. Hong Kong Pooey

    Respecting Other People's Beliefs

    I was reading this other thread and it got me wondering about certain things, but I didn't want to be accused of hijacking it so thought I'd start a new one with my own musings/questions. This is the thread I am referring to...
  10. Hong Kong Pooey

    When Did You Start Wooden Dummy?

    In our WT school you don't learn the wooden dummy until you've reached a fairly high grade, so I was wondering if that is usual and how long you guys had been training before you got to play with it? To give you an idea of what I mean by high grade we have 12 student grades (they say this is...