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    I'm thinking of getting a crane tatt on my back shoulder as I'm a crane fighter (defensive, flexible, quick). Also because I think they look pretty. I'd also like a Tigger tatt on my ankle (Tigger rocks!). But like Ceicei, I'm very weary of needles. I'm more into piercings myself. Yes, there is...
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    Why Can Jocks get girls so easy and not people in martial arts?

    I was never interested in football players. All the ones at my high school were all the same; big, conceited, and stupid. I was only ever interested in martial arts guys (mainly black belts). I would go to the tournys and drool. LOL My instructor used to hit me for that. I eventually found a...
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    Women and Ninjutsu; good idea?

    I think it is as I'm a women and take it. :) My shurriken throwing ability and accuracy are getting better all the time. I was already pretty good about sneaking around and hiding before ninjutsu, so that's a strength. Becky
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    Calling all the Men...Why did you start Martial Arts??

    I did! I was very impressed with guy martial artists, especially black belts. Every time I went to a tourny, I gazed open-mouthed at them, drooling. LOL As it turns out, I married a 3rd degree black belt. Since I started martial arts, I was only drawn to martial art guys. Then, I married one...
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    What is your favorite art?

    :) Hi everyone! I was just wondering what everyone's favorite art is. It can be an art you take, or just like to watch, or are just interested in. Mine is pry either JKD or kung fu. Both I've watched, and they look very neat and effective. I tried JKD, but just couldn't seem to get the swing...
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    Muay Thai vs Taekwondo #2

    If there is a superior art, which I don't believe there is, but if there was one, it'd be JKD in my book. It's formless and does pretty much everything that all the other styles do. It's hard to learn because it's limitless. As for this stupid arguement, I've already posted my views one the...
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    How do you weed out the jackasses?

    I'd go to your instructor. If your instructor does nothing about it, you can either leave the school or put up with it. Don't resort to what I did once as a red belt though.... A guy was being a jackass, so I snapped and kicked him as hard as I could. Ofc, I got severely talked to and punished...
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    Weapon OF Choice

    SAI! I like the sai because they are easy to manuever, beautiful, and just plain easy to handle. :)
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    Which kick generates the most power?

    I was always told the back kick. However, my side kick seems more powerful than my back kick.
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    Muay Thai Vs Taekwondo

    First of all, TKD is NOT alot of flashy kicks. True, some TKD is McDojos and flashy kicks, but some like mine isn't. I'm getting so fed up with this generalization. I've beat people from other styles (including a thai boxer) and other people have beaten me (including a thai boxer). It's how good...
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    On Using Kata for Self-Defense

    I think kata is useful in many ways. First of all, it keeps the history and the art parts of martial arts intact. They are good for beginners to help them get a general feel for martial arts and help them learn techniques. Alot of the basics are in forms, and alot of black belts do well to...
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    Yes Yes we suck.

    So much for getting one's art dissed. Not all TKD schools are McDojos. Mine wasn't. My instructor only charged $35 a month so one can hardly say he was in it for the money. I'd rather stay with my art in the midst of all this crap talk of "all TKD schools are McDojos". That's a false...
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    Training Goals for the New Year...

    I want to get my 2nd dan and get better at nun chuks and ninjutsu. Mike and I also plan to open a new dojo this year. Nice new avatar andrew! Penguins rule! Becky
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    Contact in training...yes or no?

    I always got thrown in with the guys. It's more likely a guy is going to attack me on a street than a girl. I've been hit and sparred full contact. I'd rather learn to take it in the safety of my dojang than have the first time I get hit hard be on the street. Women are just as capable as men...
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    Contact in training...yes or no?

    I never did care for point sparring much. I never saw the real point in it. Some tournys wouldn't even let you hit to the head for points. But on the street, everywhere is fair game, not just the chest and head. And, on the street, no one is going to stop the fight and yell "Point!" when you hit...
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    Contact in training...yes or no?

    I like contact sparring for 3 reasons: One, you know what it's like and will feel like when you hit someone, two, it teaches you how to effectively block, and three, when you are hit on the street, it won't be for the first time. I can see no contact as a beginner, but once you get up there in...
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    Buying rank

    Green meanie, I love your avatar! Becky
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    Yes Yes we suck.

    Well Tchno, if you are interested in TKD, I say go ahead and take it. I'm a taekwondoist but am dabbing in ninjutsu. I personally don't think either sucks. TKD's phenominal and ninjutsu/bujinkan is cool and has great weapons. Don't let people get you down. Lots of people say my core art of TKD...
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    Buying rank

    I think some people just forget that not all first dans, like most belts, are created equal. I'm not the best first dan nor am I the worst. I've beat up 3rd dans that "said they were third dans". So would you want that third dan that got beat up by a first dan teaching you, just because of his...
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    Buying rank

    With all due respect to you, gemini, I am a first dan and teach classes, but I do not consider myself a master, because I know I'm not and never will consider myself a master, because I believe no one is a master of martial arts. Martial arts is a constantly changing universe, and everyone can...
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    Doing forms, and memory

    For my black belt test, I had to do 10 forms in order from white to black belt. It was hard and once during my test my brain froze so I threw in a couple extra kicks, because if you just stop, you fail. Ofc, the judges noticed, but said they were glad I did that rather than stopped. Eventually...
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    Carrying weapons

    I've carried shurriken in my pocket and sai under my coat. Haven't had to use them....yet. Becky
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    how do you suppliment your TKD

    Well, TKD is my core art, and I think I'm stuck that way. I've supplimented it with ninjutsu, and some different weapons, and am thinking of trying jujutsu. I feel TKD is good, but it still needs something alittle more. Becky
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    Things you are grateful for this past 2005

    1. I'm thankful for the beautiful wedding I had on July 30th 2. I'm thankful to my dad for paying for it:rolleyes: 3. I'm most thankful for the best husband alive who keeps me laughing, training, loves me, and helps me to keep going on 4. My kitten, who's also my baby, Rolo 5. For...
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    Buying rank

    I taught at red belt in my instructors class to make myself ready for black belt. And at black belt I taught ALOT! Whoever said this to you is pretty low and outspoken. It is very dishonorable and insulting to be a first degree and have an upper rank tell you you shouldn't be teaching. It almost...
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    Martial art video games

    LOL Changed my avatar to my second favorite video game character, Mileena from MK, just because she was more fitting with my screen name than Da Qiao. Becky
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    Weapon Choice

    My favorite "unique" weapon is the fans or whip chain. The whip chain is VERY hard to learn though and may result in serious injury; just to warn you. If you are a guy though (sorry if you're a girl), you pry wouldn't want to learn the fans as they are kinda girly, I guess. I think the tiger...
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    Shin strikes?

    Being a taekwondoist, I've been hit in the shins many times. Sometimes, I got hit so hard I thought I cracked or fractured a bone it hurt so bad! I never wore shin guards through all that though because I don't like them personally. I find them constraining. I considered wearing them despite...
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    I see timing as getting my kick in at the exact time my opponent is vunerable. It's very hard to do this, hence I'm not an expert at it. My backfist is pretty good at timing though. Becky