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    Genbukan TYR

    Nice Video by Wideman Kyoshi of Genbukan Canada on Takagi Yoshin Ryu:
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    About Shoto Tanemura!

    Hi "Jade", Your questions are quite interesting indeed and I would not mind going through them point by point, however I will say that you seem to have your mind already made up. I thought you were an extremely nice person when meeting you in real life, with that being said, I can't say that...
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    About Shoto Tanemura!

    Hmm, on a positive note. In this link it shows a pic of Sato Sensei and Tanemura Sensei, at the bottom of the page it shows Tanemura Sensei's certificate from Sato Sensei/ and Li Zu Ming, maybe someone can translate. sincerely, Brian...
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    About Shoto Tanemura!

    Jade posted: <<I do find it interesting and odd that Brian posted now after 2yrs but hey thats just me.>> Yes, as I said earlier, I don't post, but I do lurk quite a bit LOL!! This just happened to pertain the the Genbukan is the only reason I posted. RoninX posted <<If i WERE a...
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    About Shoto Tanemura!

    Brian Hodges nice to see you again. I find it interesting to post again after not posting for almost 2 years. Hope everything is good with you. Today 03:58 PM>> Doing well, thanks, check your e-mail if possible. Yeah I usually make it a practice not to, but.......
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    About Shoto Tanemura!

    Why can i find Hatsumi in his masters list? My problem is: If i was a newbie, i織d get the impression that Tanemura NEVER WAS ONE of Hatsumi織s students.>> Hi there, just FYI, if you were a newbie, you should be concerned with ukemi, sabaki, kamae, and not all the rest, ha ha. that being said...
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    Tanemura & Hatsumi

    (Tie in from E-budo) In regards to some recent posts, I would like to politely make a few comments from my own personal view point: If this is so, what direct teaching can actually exist as regards Tanemura and Takamatsu?>> Mr. Hatsumi was training with Takamatsu Sensei, in 1957 and...
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    Gikan ryu lineage

    Well in the Genbukan it is held that Tanemura Sensei received Sokeship in Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu in winter of 1989 from Sato Kinbei Soke who had received it from Takamatsu Sensei after the passing of Akimoto Sensei. There are actual Densho and Makimono for this school, passed on to Tanemura...
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    Genbukan Kobudo Clip

    For those of you interested. The link is above the group photo on the left. sincerel yours, Brian Hodges Renshi GWNBF/KJJR Fudoshin Dojo-Cho
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    Genbukan Training Methodology!

    Hi, One very important point in the Genbukan and KJJR is that Tanemura Sensei always stresses, manners are more important rather than technique. Not to say the technique is not important, not at all, just that manners, etiquette and how you represent yourself is of prime importance. some...