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  1. LawDog

    Sacred Cows in the Martial Arts

    I would agree with you to a point. Most of the ones who do not teach well were never taught "how" to teach properly instead they only know the "just do" thing
  2. LawDog

    Kenpo is BS!

    I am running down to the nearest one so that I can sign up, sure. During the past these type of jokes start major pissing contests including a few on this server.
  3. LawDog

    Kenpo is BS!

    This "Master" ;-) has started is own something or other and is trying to promote it. I would just let him go on his own merry way and he will eventually bury himself in the dung heap that he has made for himself.
  4. LawDog

    R.I.P SGM S. George Pesare

    Condolences to his family and lineage.
  5. LawDog

    Any other "commie gun" fans.

    I own an Ak and a SKS, they are both good shooters. I am a fan of the 7.62 x 39. It is not a good hunting or target round but it works great as an assault round.
  6. LawDog

    kempo seniors

    Respected. If you are liked and / or are popular you will be respected and will be thus listed. If you are disliked and / or are unpopular, no matter how good you are or were you will not usually make the list. Just going by what I have read on various forums / books and have been told by others...
  7. LawDog

    You need to ask "what if" like ras...or you suck

    These posts are some of the longest that I have ever read. Carol I have the butter.
  8. LawDog

    white gi vs black gi

    Martial Arts = Military Way. Wear the uniforn of your unit or join the unit that fits your personel fashion statement.
  9. LawDog

    are we allowed to adjust material?

    For personel use, absolutly. To instruct and pass on, no. Everyone is different physically and mentally so system material has to be adjusted so that it fits the individual during live/confrontational situations.
  10. LawDog

    You need to ask "what if" like ras...or you suck

    My brother in law drives a chevy 3/4 tom pickup and I drive a Jeep Sarah. Each vehicle has it's area of strenghts and weakness. Each vehicle has different options installed. They are of different size and shape. Both of these vehicles do have one thing in common, they both can bring you from...
  11. LawDog

    You need to ask "what if" like ras...or you suck

    Greetings Carol, when you rehab your house you know how your personel life can get.
  12. LawDog

    You need to ask "what if" like ras...or you suck

    I stepped in late here and at the moment I am evaluating what has really has been said here and why. But for the record, not all or even most Kenpo schools are sports focused. What is being said here is what most Kenpo "old schools" have been doing for decades. Many of us know well the streets...
  13. LawDog

    What is Kenpo Good For?

    Both work well when a student is properly trained for it.
  14. LawDog

    Where is GM Cal Carrozzi?

    I did not know that Cal was still teaching, I haven't seen him in decades.
  15. LawDog

    Lack Of Power In Techniques

    Technique = The ability to control motion.
  16. LawDog

    What is Kenpo Good For?

    It is the Instructors who make a system effective and their students who will someday carry it on. The true martial artist does not train to street fight but rather to prevent it. The professionals train with the intent of fighting.
  17. LawDog

    Lack Of Power In Techniques

    I use the K.I.S.S. theory. My system covers standup, throws and ground. We use our techniques against empty hands, weapons and multi attacks. It is easy to apply the K.I.S.S. theory after a student is taught how to modify their techniques to fit most situations. Fewer techniques can then cover...
  18. LawDog

    Lack Of Power In Techniques

    HongKong, I don't know you but it is very obvious that you have had limited contact with the overall Kenpo community. Yes there are many "sports" type of Kenpo schools out there and there are also many Kenpo schools that "talk the talk" but fail to "walk the walk". However there is a very large...
  19. LawDog

    Should Kenpoka be Breaking Boards?

    Breaking boards has no technique value however it does help develope a much needed mindset. If one is really intent on training for self defense or fighting purposes you have to accept the fact that your body has many hard bones in it. After breaking one or multi boards you will develope a...
  20. LawDog

    Kenpo: Then and Now

    There are still many Kenpo/Kempo "old schools" around and many of them have advanced within the tacticle and theory area's. Modern times have spawned many of the yuppie or sport Kenpo/Kempo type of schools. If this is what a person wants to do then this is ok. In our modern times there is...
  21. LawDog

    Kempo karate?

    Gi style, belt color, belt names, terms, system names and paper on the wall does not make legit a system, style, school or instructor. Legit is simply the end product. On a high level of expertise can an advanced student do what he is supposed to. Many of todays martial artists are hung up on...
  22. LawDog

    Who Has The Market Cornered On Kenpo?

    Martial arts in general, Kenpo included, covers so many areas that no one system can properly cover them all. Example, Some kenpo schools may focus one the 1 vs 1 aspect of Kenpo training and they will draw those who are like minded. Other Kenpo schools may focus on the take down to the ground...
  23. LawDog

    How Do *YOU* Test Your Techniques?

    In the street, in a bar type scene, (past tense). Getting a little to old for that now.
  24. LawDog

    CBS reporter raped and beaten by Muslim men.

    Acting like animals, no matter by who and for what reason means that they are still animals and should be treated as such.
  25. LawDog

    East Coast Workout Anyone?

    Hand Sword Understood and agreed.
  26. LawDog

    Does Size Matter?

    I do prefer a 1 on 1 setting but this does have it's limitations. Setting up and running larger classes is very easy if you trained your instructors properly. Over looked advantages of larger classes, *Students get to train with a large cross section of people, like one would find in the...
  27. LawDog

    Orange Belt...yay!

    There is no age boundry for the martial arts. My two oldest students women who are 84 and 73. Keep on going.
  28. LawDog

    Kempo and wrist weights

    I started using wrist and ankle weights back around 1975 - 76 and to this day I still do. *Wrist - 1 or 2 lbs, *Ankles - 3 or 4 lbs. I personnally and my students do not have any joint issues because of the motion weight training. This training is no different from going down to the gym and...
  29. LawDog

    Ron Paul Defends Wikileaks

    Bruno, the shadow man. Right or wrong means that one will not turn against their country but will instead fix any and all proplems within it. The most powerful weapon of change in this country is a thing call "voting" The truth should stand the sunlight however not for personal gain. Buy the...
  30. LawDog

    Ron Paul Defends Wikileaks

    Some are forgetting that the info. taken was done at locations from within the USA. This is not like the old days when someone had to be within the USA to get the info. Today they do not have to be physically within this country but, using their electrocs, did enter into the US of A. They did...