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  1. Brian King

    Every Martial Art invites a weird friend. Sensei Seth video that had me cracking up and groaning.

    Could have posted in Boxing forum, or Karate, or JKD, Aikido, TKD, Bartitsu, Aikido, etc. Basically martial arts roasting good for a chuckle or at lease a real grin. Regards Brian
  2. Brian King

    heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko video

    Since he has been in the news lately I looked back at some of his fights. A nice compilation video of some of his knockouts.
  3. Brian King

    Words of Power: A Guide for Ordinary People to Calm and De-Escalate Aggressive Individuals by Ellis Amdur

    A recent listen on Audible that I enjoyed. Ellis is an expert in the field of crisis intervention and mental health, a very long term (and highly skilled practitioner and instructor) martial artist and author of some really good books (Dueling with O'Sensei just one such). This book was written...
  4. Brian King

    Alexandr Sergeevich Popeskou Didn't know Alexandr well, but do know that he helped produce quality students and instructors. RIP comrade. Prayers lifted.
  5. Brian King

    Interesting podcast - Managing Violence Podcast

    Sharing - Interesting podcast...managing violence podcast. Interviews with topic experts such as S2. Ep. 1: Ellis Amdur - Psychotherapist, Martial Artist, Crisis Intervention Trainer & Author and S1. Ep. 7: Matt Larsen - Father of Modern Army Combatives and S1. Ep. 4: Rory Miller - Author and...
  6. Brian King

    Frank Monsalve passed

    Frank long time Las Vegas martial artist and veteran who posted here as for awhile as Masterfinger and Franc0 passed Nov 5 2018 F-Cancer
  7. Brian King

    Pod Cast Systema for Life

    Recently found the pod cast Systema for Life From the description Join scientist, author, and Systema Instructor Glenn Murphy for weekly musings on all things Systema. Featuring interviews with top instructors from around the world, seminar reviews, topical discussions, and much, much more...
  8. Brian King

    Stanley Pranin July 24, 1945 - March 7, 2017

    Stanley was a gentleman and a scholar. The work he did to further research in the martial arts in general and Aikido in particular can not be overstated. He was fun to work with on the mat and great to talk with off the mat. He will be missed. RIP. Prayers Lifted. Stanley Pranin July 24, 1945 -...
  9. Brian King

    Best tv ad ever. Fearless dreams.

    Love this insurance ad. Way to go AMFAM. Regards Brian King
  10. Brian King

    Random stabbings.

    How one mans tortured path led to a stabbing rampage in downtown Toronto | Toronto Star Some security video of a man randomly attacking (stabbing) strangers in Toronto. Interesting to note the 'non-violence' look of this violence and the lack of build up, pre-interview that is common with the...
  11. Brian King

    Humilities role, if any, in training for self defense?

    In the fundamental pillars of self-defense thread, a brief interesting discussion of humility evolved but like many a long and intense conversations, the topic wandered and then disappeared. It seemed like an interesting topic perhaps worth further discussion and exploration. What is your...
  12. Brian King

    "When only faith remains"

    When Only Faith Remains Patrick gave me permission to share this article that went out in the Systema (Toronto HQ)newsletter on June 13th. I wanted to share it cause it gives a great perspective on why we do much of the training that we do in Systema. Trained well it can become a way of living...
  13. Brian King

    "How to explain fear to your child" article by Mr. Friedman

    Sharon is a Systema instructor out of Israel and has written a nice blog post about fear and children. Posted with permission. While the article is written from the perspective of teaching children, I believe that adults are merely children with big ears, this article is also relevant to...
  14. Brian King

    Fundamental pillars of self-defense?

    Fundamental pillars of self-defense? In the thread Is grappling better for female self-defense than striking? the idea of a fundamental pillar of self-defense came up. Warning while interesting, it is a long thread with a lot of- this is better than this, you know nothings, I knows all...
  15. Brian King

    The importance of officer mindset. TEDx talk

    Here is officer Hutch giving a ted x talk. Only ten minutes long but very good information and use of time. His book "Unleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect - Transforming Law Enforcement and Police Training" is a very good and useful read. It is expensive but can now be rented on Amazon...
  16. Brian King

    One of my favorite short you tube clips

    This is a clip of some of the training at a Systema seminar in California a number of years ago. One of my favorite clips. Not a how to clip but does capture a bit of the atmosphere at seminars. Regards Brian King
  17. Brian King

    Is Aikido a martial art?

    An interesting article by Sensei Henry Ellis. 5th dan Traditional Aikido. Lots of material for thought by an 'old school' Sensei plus a few 'war stories' from back in the day. Is Aikido a Martial Art ? - Moosin Regards Brian King
  18. Brian King

    A Manny Minute - Be Patient and Creative through our training A nice clip from Manny. I like the way he articulates the lessons and takes some of the mystery out. Regards Brian King
  19. Brian King

    Kung-Fu Quest 3: Battle frontier feat. Systema 12.28.2013

    Shaska sword work, whip, chain and empty hand. The clip is long but leaves you wanting more. 20+ minutes of Systema. All in Chinese but worth it. MMA, Judo, Sambo for an additional 20 minutes. New footage and cool older Sambo footage. Skilled hosts with great attitudes and senses of humor. Seems...
  20. Brian King

    Good Christmas outcome

    All too often posts about individual martial art practitioners in the news are the negative criminal cases. And even more often are the negative police stories. It is nice to read a good story for a change. Curt is a local Systema practitioner and does much good work in the local community...
  21. Brian King

    Ancient Russian Systema Practices - 4 Ways to Achieve Optimum Health

    Nice short article written by Vali Madj. I like the way he phrases his understandings. Regards Brian King
  22. Brian King

    A pickpockets tale

    A PICKPOCKETS TALE The neuroscience behind this work is very interesting. It is always interesting to have the work demonstrated and articulated from the perspectives of different fields of study and experience...
  23. Brian King

    August/September 2013 Black Belt issue

    Congratulations to Vladimir. Pretty decent story to go along with the cover shot. The Black Belt Magazine with Vladimir Vasiliev on the cover August/September 2013 issue is now on newsstands. Regards Brian King
  24. Brian King

    World War II Armor Training in Color l Photos

    Some fantastic shots of very early WW2 armor (M3's and M4). Regards Brian King
  25. Brian King

    carrying weapons influence

    For many, once a martial artist starts to carry a weapon - any weapon- their hand to hand training methodology and philosophy often develops a weapitude, a seriousness in training. It does not take long for a martial artist who carries weapons to realize that many others also carry weapons and...
  26. Brian King

    It can happen fast

    When involved in a fight, sometimes the more dangerous moments are right before the fight is joined when one has decided to fight before the others. Even professionals can be caught flat while on the job which highlights that the lay person really needs to work on awareness and the skills to...
  27. Brian King

    Violence, it can come to you

    The person being beaten and chased by a group of people (and stabbed) also appears to have been involved with a stabbing a couple of blocks away. Violence can come to you even if minding the 4 S's (Stupid places, stupid things, stupid people, stupid times Farman oft used quote) In the video...
  28. Brian King

    (Video) UFC veteran Maiquel Falcao Attacked By Group In Massive Street Fight In Brazil Choose your friends very carefully and follow the s-rules (whichever variation you choose). Once the fight starts do you stand with your friend right or wrong? Often the...
  29. Brian King

    Systema Seattle seminar- Konstanin Komarov 2013

    A year in the planning. This years Labor Day Weekend seminar is finally announced. Konstantin Komarov will again be the featured Systema instructor. This will be a very unique, relevant, and beneficial seminar. Already so many instructors have committed to this opportunity that the ratio of...
  30. Brian King

    Richard Ramirez Dead:

    Richard Ramirez Dead: Serial Killer Known As The 'Night Stalker' Dies In California Hospital LOS ANGELES Richard Ramirez, the demonic serial killer known as the Night Stalker who left satanic signs at murder scenes and mutilated victims' bodies during a reign of terror in the 1980s, died...