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  1. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Play-by-post game

    I know this has been generally discussed in the past, but I'm interested in actually starting it out. Thinking about starting a play-by-post rpg game with pure martial characters. The idea would be to focus on whatever style you actually practice, and would be more rpg-based than technical...
  2. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Welcome New Mentors!

    Please join us in welcoming @JowGaWolf and @Kung Fu Wang as mentors on this site. They've been active and positive influences on this site, and we believe they will do an excellent job in their new role.
  3. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Testing 2.0

    Test test test test test test
  4. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Three Word Story v2

    Here's the full first story: "Once there was a small donkey, a real ***, he knocked me on my *** so I went to the Dr. I said, "Doctor....get your donkey his party hat. Then the doctor got the hat and started singing and tap dancing. So I took a long hard look at that penguin on the window ledge...
  5. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Three word story

    Something that we used to play in an old forum that has since gone extinct-we start a story with 3 words, and each new poster adds 3 words on to it. I enjoyed it so figured I'd try starting it here. A couple rules: Whenever a mod thinks a story is complete, they can end it and start up a new...
  6. Monkey Turned Wolf

    At what point should you refuse or stop teaching someone martial arts?

    Or do you not have a point where you'd stop? In a different thread, @Kung Fu Wang brought up an instance where he taught a girl who was being abused MA, then she stopped coming, he found out that the husband was now being attacked by her, and ended up teaching him MA. So I had some hypothetical...
  7. Monkey Turned Wolf

    If humans reincarnate upon death, what would you want to come back as?

    So two parts to this question: the first is whether or not you'd want to come back as a human or an animal/which animal. The second is if you come back as a human, where/what circumstances would you want to be born into.
  8. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Martialtalk MMA Tournament

    So as some of you who've been here for a while may remember; I did a boxing march-madness type boxing tournament a few years ago, to see who would win in terms of greatest boxer ever. I promised at the finish of that I would do a similar tournament for MMA..but honestly I forgot about it. So...
  9. Monkey Turned Wolf

    New Blog Post

    Blog post can be found here: New video experiment | MartialTalk.Com - Friendly Martial Arts Forum Community I know other styles have similar combinations/techniques/whatever you want to call it. Has anyone done something similar to this? If so, what are your thoughts?
  10. Monkey Turned Wolf

    Standing wrist lock in gi-bjj competition.

    Thought it was interesting considering the discussions on here about standing wrist locks-it's from facebook so that may mess up some seeing it, not sure.