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    It is to bad that there has to be policical banners on this forum. We have to endure enough b.s. ads on the tube. Politics belong in this section of the forum. :soapbox:
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    Self Defense

    First and most important the following is my own point of view on this subject and not an attack on any system or person. There are many martial arts systems that teach a self defense type of a system and to me there is nothing wrong with this. I tend to look at "Self Defense" as a negitive. One...
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    Mr C's Invitational Training Camp, Mass.

    Location; Mr C's Martial Arts Academy 650 Plymouth St. #15R East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 508.378.3678 Date &Time; October 25, 2009 9:30am - end,(approx 2pm). Cost; Invited guests - Free Subjects to be covered; *Traditional Japanese sword, (as taught by a Japanese Master)...
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    I have read in many Kenpo / Kempo threads / posts that there are those who believe that using, *strike boards do nothing for a martial artist, *heavy bag training is also a waste of time, *strength training is not needed, technique alone will do the job, *interaction drills are not needed...
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    Rare find

    A few months ago I purchased a very rare find, a Garand chambered in 7.62x59. This is not a 30.06 with a chamber plug. This Garand was manufactured in the mid 50's from what I have been told and it is in mint condition. Anyone else out there with a rare peice? :shooter:
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    techniques to spar or fight

    Using the techniques from your given system, how many of your students actually use them when they spar or fight? Sparring: Sport style - heavy with rules, with no or light contact, Traditional style - limited rules, light or med. contact. Fighting: Sports type - heavy with rules, med. or...
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    Yeoh Yen Do

    I have asked this before but if anyone can comeup with info on this dude please let me know. Around 1990 Michael Brown was a Sandan in the FVSSD. Some how he received some heavy corporate backing and opened up a few 8,000 foot square dojo's. There was a minor self promotion to 10 dan,(at age...
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    "On Line"Gamming

    Does anyone participate in "on line" gamming. This would be something like "Call to Duty", Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield 2142. :knight2:
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    In your opinon, for LEO's, what is the best, 1) Sidearm, 2) Shotgun, 3) Patrol rifle, 4) Tact. team weapon, 5) Sniper rife. In my opinon, 1) Glock 40 cal. or a Sig in 40 cal. 2) 14" Remington F.B.I. special in 12 ga. 3" mag., 3) Suppressed 16" AR 15 with a c.a.r. stock equiped with...
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    Body conditioning

    In part of the Kenpo "Old School" type of training body conditioning was required. Today many of the newer Kempo / Kenpo schools do not include any sort of body conditioning. I believe that in these old Kenpo schools were training you to become a good street fighter, there training was not just...
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    1'st Black Belts

    Fred V's first USSD black belts. 1) Larry Mangone, 2) T.B.A. soon 3) Charlie Materra & Fred Bagley. Larry was Matteria & Bagleys first instructor.
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    Renigar Kenpo Camp

    Renigar Kenpo / Jujitsu Camp. This event was held in Columbia, So. Carolina over the past weekend. Great instruction, good people and a really fun time. What more can you ask for.
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    Primary Principles of SD Kata?

    One of the main principles/concepts of all Kenpo/Kempo self defense kata's is what? :ultracool This is some of that "secret stuff" :jediduel:
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    Kenpo Seminar So.Carolina

    Renigar Kenpo / Jujitsu Association 2005 State Street Cayce, So. Carolina 8/18/2007 & 8/19/2007 @ 9:30am - done. 803-381-1653 Instructors: Sensei Marcus Turner *Combat Cane Master Ken Longacre *11 Hands of Buddha Master Al Cunningham *Defense from a seated position,(Taiho-Jitsu)...
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    Kenpo Seminar Massachusetts

    Western Martial Arts Academy 18 E.Longmeadow Road. Hampden, Massachusetts July 7, 2007 @ 9:30am - 2pm 413-519-4574 Instructors: Master Kenneth Melbourne Throwing with a transitional into a suppression. Master Al Cunningham Defense from a seated position, Primary theory/concepts on throws & sweeps.
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    Primitive Long Range Shooting

    Today many who shoot on the two, three, four and five hundred yard ranges will usually use, 1) Palm rests, 2) Adjustable hook type butt plates, 3) Slings, 4) Bi-pods, 5) High power optical scopes 6) Optical scope's that have been pre-set for wind drift and drop, 7) Specialized non slip shooting...
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    Straight stock shooting

    Many older military and civilian type rifles utilize the straight or shallow comb type stock's. These stocks cause problems with your trigger pull. A good steady trigger technique will require that your index finger pull straight back towards the index knuckle and in a straight line with the...
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    Two stage trigger

    How many have mastered the technique of two staging a double action trigger pull? What this means is, example, when shooting double action style with a revolver you pull the trigger very fast until the cylinder index's and the hammer is "hanging". Then only a slight squeeze on the trigger...
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    Richard "Limo" Tanaka

    Professor Richard "Limo" Tanaka. This week Professor Tanaka passed to the other side. Professor Tanaka was a life long friend to SGM Sonny Gascon. He was a friend and instructor to Professor M. Rash. Web site info.
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    S & W engraving wrong

    I just purchased a new S&W 325PD revolver chambered in 45 acp. The barrel engraving should say 45 acp on the side. On the barrel what is engraved is "44 Magnum". The barrel was mic'd out to 451. The cylinder chambers are the correct length and diameter for the 45 acp round. Anyone else ever...
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    Has any formally trained in Taiho-Jitsu/Jutsu?
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    Blac Eye for Kempo

    Well another Kempoist gave our system a black eye. A well known local Kempo Instructor was arrested last Monday for enticing a minor,(male), into having sex with him. He connected with this supposed minor while on an internet chat room. This minor was in reality an undercover State Police...
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    A martial arts system is defined by the "interpertations" that have been placed onto it's own preset material, not by the material itself. Interpertations = Concepts / Tactical Theory.
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    Hawaiian Kempo Meeting

    I would like to propose a meeting of all those who are in the Hawaiian Kenpo/Kempo chain lineage. This meeting would be primarily for those who are from this lineage and also post on this or MAP forums. I believe situations develope because no one has really met face to face, to the other we are...
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    Gun Bans

    The Judicial system for our great country holds an unwritten point of view about our rights. Here is the short version. When the "People" allow the government to impliment a license or permit requirement onto, the "Peoples" written or implied rights are now to be considered a Privilege. A...
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    1970-75 SKK Techniques

    SKK stylists, I have been posting the 1970 - 1975 SKK material on my Kenpo forum. Included with the material are the tactical theory behind each pre set. This material is being copied directly from an early 1970 SKK Instructors bookl. Like with Mr Barnes and his fantastic project mine will also...
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    Steel Plate Gun

    What is your favorite steel plate or duck pin handgun?
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    Hand Conditioning-Internal/External

    Hand conditioning: Internal - how does it work. The bone structure inside of your hand is designed to support the grasping by your fingers or holding etc. This type of structure is not effective against a frontal type of impact against the knuckle / finger tip area or impacting through any of...
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    To Lose is to win

    The most important time to fight is when you know that you are going to lose. (1968)
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    Add Killing Into Bio?

    On many forums for the past few years I have observed that many are inserting the killing of another human being into someone's personal bio. This is being done to validate a persons martial skills. What are your views on this parctice? Note-It is usually done buy a student/black belt who is...