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  1. jarrod

    FMA tournaments?

    hi, does anyone have a good resource for finding FMA tournaments? i think it would be fun to compete, especially if i could find a tourney with a knife division. jf
  2. jarrod

    the smash punch

    really, really interesting punch. as near as i gather from a couple viewings, you take a step back & drop your hand to your hip (almost karate style) to draw your opponent in. then, as he moves in, you move forward with something like a vertical fist uppercut right between his mitts, twisting...
  3. jarrod

    grappling, striking, the clinch & instincts

    looking back on almost every untrained fight i've ever seen, a punch or two gets thrown then the scrap goes to the clinch. from the clinch it's a short trip to the ground, often by accident if not design. if punches are still flying they are pretty ineffective due to the range & body...
  4. jarrod

    BBQ in Denver?

    okay, loving my relocation from KC to denver so far. but is there a single decent barbecue joint in this state? i've only been to a few, but i'm a bit tired of throwing my money away to see if it's any good. i stopped by a BBQ place in evergreen after some hiking, & they didn't even sell...
  5. jarrod

    my visit to a danzan ryu dojo

    well the title says it. since moving to denver, i've been to a bjj class (great stuff, but i miss throwing) & a judo club (great judo, not much newaza, very far away). everyone at the danzan ryu place had a great attitude & good technique. they are a bit light on randori, but the instructor i...
  6. jarrod

    hilarious euro techno!

    clean language but adult subject matter! hahaha i can't stop watching this! jf
  7. jarrod


    strength, speed, stamina, & even flexibility get discussed a lot, but the most important attribute for fighting & martial arts often gets left out: timing. timing is simply the ability to rapidly know when to execute, & a fighter with good timing can often beat another fighter who trumps him...
  8. jarrod

    today's workout

    10 sprawls 15 burpees 5x10 jab/lead roundhous combos on the bag 4x10 chin ups, superset with 4x10 plyometric medicine ball push ups a few minutes of boxing on the bag finished up with 1/2 mile farmer's walk, carrying 25lbs each hand i had two energy drinks today, & two very sugary pieces of...
  9. jarrod

    replying to emails

    okay, between now & the time i decided to move to denver, i've fired off probably 10 or so emails to various MA schools. just basic inquiries; schedule, costs, that sort of thing. i have received exactly 2 replies. 2. why would you put an email address on your website, which i presume is...
  10. jarrod

    looking for stick fighting partners in denver (again)

    well, my partner isn't going to be able to work out anymore (no i didn't break him, personal issues). so here i am hooked on stick fighting & nobody to train with. if there is anyone in the area interested in studying western walking stick styles, please get in touch with me. jf
  11. jarrod

    stick length in FMA

    greetings all, i've recently been studying a couple of stick fighting methods based off of using a walking stick, this got me wondering, why is the stick used in FMA so comparatively short? i know that the answer will probably depend on which FMA we're talking about, but i'm interested in any...
  12. jarrod

    stick sparring

    i did some free sparring with a stick for the first time in a few years. we had limited safety equipment so the head was off limits & we had to go fairly slow & controlled, but i think we learned a lot. we did 3ft stick vs 2ft, & 3ft vs 3ft. we've been primarily practicing glen doyle's irish...
  13. jarrod

    la canne de combat demonstration

    la canne is one of the prettiest MAs in my opinion, although the big arm movements are very counter intuitive to me. here's a really cool demo put on at a savate school somewhere: jf
  14. jarrod

    ninja parade slips through town unseen. jf
  15. jarrod


    hello new MT users, & welcome! there is a blue header at the top of each post. at the left side of this header, is the date & time that the post was written. as you cruise through the forum, please check the latest date on a thread before you post on a thread. if the thread is more than a...
  16. jarrod

    see ya!

    i'm taking a little break from MT all, i need to get some things in order. take care! jf
  17. jarrod

    irish stick fighting

    just finished my first session today. there are no classes in the area, but i met a guy who did about 5 years of modern arnis & wants to try the irish method. we're going largely off of glen doyle's lessons posted on youtube. between his stick experience & my boxing experience, i think we'll...
  18. jarrod

    a quick anecdote

    before moving to denver, i was telling my judo/jujitsu coach that there was a dan zan ryu school near where i was moving, & that i planned on visiting them. "oh, i have a shodan in that style". "really? why don't you list it on the website under your credentials?" he shrugged, "it's only...
  19. jarrod

    TKD in K-1

    hey guys, this might be old news around here but i found this while surfing youtube & thought i'd post it. he doesn't show much in the way of punching or clinch, but man his kicks are more than enough. jf
  20. jarrod

    just took my first lesson in enshin karate

    pretty cool style! it is the first school i've visited in denver so i'm still going to shop around, but i really enjoyed it. i liked being back in a more traditional setting, but it was a little weird training in the same class as kids. there was an athletic adult black belt there that paired...
  21. jarrod

    some leg lock clips

    here are some vids from a leg lock clinic i did at DLT welcome mat judo club in pleasant hill, missouri last month. hope you like, let me know what you think. jf
  22. jarrod

    some music i had a hand in

    i'm not sure if this belongs here or in the locker room. at any rate, i played bass guitar in a three piece called Crown Vic for a number of years. i've started a little audio blog of some of our recordings, which will be updated periodically. please check it out if you're at all...
  23. jarrod

    judo coach on crutches

    i found this on youtube, the guy's name is mike thomas & he's one of our shingitai instructors in pleasant hill missouri. he was at home depot & a pallet fell & something or other punctured his foot. he was off the mat for i think it was a week maybe? anyway, here's a guy in a cast giving...
  24. jarrod

    students declining rank

    i was wondering if anyone else runs into this. i teach gi & no-gi grappling under the shingitai jujitsu umbrella. some of my students mostly attend one class or the other, but i promote the no-gi guys the same even though they don't wear actual belts. a few of them have declined promotions...
  25. jarrod

    the satanic bible

    just finished reading this book last night, & i have to say i enjoyed it. it's basically a self-help book marketed towards those who feel let down by convential religion. it essentially advocates self-acceptance, individualism, harmony with nature, & epicureanism. plus it has a little...
  26. jarrod

    dabbling in the arts

    i pretty much have my mind made up on this issue, so i'm not looking for advice so much as the general thoughts of other martial artists, especially instructors. there are several arts that i have an interest in, mostly for historical or esoteric reasons. but at the core my love of the arts...
  27. jarrod

    AAU adopts rules for Freestyle Judo

    they are keeping the IJF based rules as well, but in the missouri valley district we've had a few freestyle judo tournaments & they've been very popular. major differences include: gi & no gi divisions. harder to score an ippon by throw (the throw would have to have incapacitated someone if...
  28. jarrod

    why does rush limbaugh still have a job?

    i've been curious about this for a while. how did he maintain any sort of credibility with his fans after it became public that he was addicted to oxycontin? i mean the stuff is essentially heroine. it just seems inconsistent for a far-right, tough on crime, pro-drug war media figure to still...
  29. jarrod

    heavy metal thread, part 2

    anyone into underground metal should check out the new wolves in the throne room album immediately. the album only has 2 tracks totaling 25 minutes, but it is amazing. on the doom side of things, i can't stop listening to mael mordha lately. adding irish whistle to doom metal was pretty...
  30. jarrod

    tap out textbook at amazon!

    it's available for pre-order! i got my copy saturday & i have to say i think this book is going to be a classic. the thing is practically an encylcopedia of submissions. if you click on amazon's "search inside this book" feature & search jarrod, you'll see lots of pics of one handsome guy ;)...