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  1. whitebeltforever

    funny moments in judo class

    hope the link works... clearly i need a few more hundred years of training!! xD on Instagram: Halarious moments in judo class teacher: 101, lizzy: -79 #whitebelt #blackbelt #funny #judo #martialarts #funnymoments色
  2. whitebeltforever

    How many times a week should a beginner train?

    At the moment I'm averaging 2 - 3 classes a week, and was wondering if this is enough for progress? i have other activities too but was wondering, how many times everyone trains per week? What is your goal in judo, and does your training routine align with your goals? Are you training more or...
  3. whitebeltforever

    The biiiig C word and finding my way in martial arts

    Hi everybody! I remember reading the "When will you quit" post on here a few years ago and thinking oh my godddd i really hope i dont quit!! I am going to do my practices every week and and and i will blah de blah de blah blah i really really hope that i don't quit! I came back to class the...
  4. whitebeltforever

    Judo or Wrestling?

    How do i know whih one is more suited to me? Im quite a big girl. I am reasonably strong. And i dont have too many issues with speed (used to do salsa). But im not the best at cardio... i get puffed out quite quickly in most activities. I love bjj and muay thai so far and i just want to learn...
  5. whitebeltforever

    Spreading yourself too thin with too many martial arts? (bjj, m.t, wrestling)

    I have always loved to strike, and recently taken up muay thai and boxing as a side dish to BJJ. I have chronic illness (lupus) and nearly 3 months out of chemo and radio therapy for another illness (breast cancer) and i want to get as strong and fit as my body will allow me so that i'll be in...
  6. whitebeltforever

    are breast guards allowed in bjj?

    A question about protective gear: Am i allowed to wear breast guards (for breasts only and individual cupped ones not one piece)? *i hav alot of scar tissue from breast cancer surgery n first time i did bjj my surgery sites hurt heaps... How bout soft knee pads? *arthritis from systemic lupus...
  7. whitebeltforever

    Is this a good coach/school to learn from or not?

    Hi everyone i went to my first bjj class and we did 2 drills thst lasted about 5mins and then learnt 2 techniques, then did about 15mins of sparring where the coach said i should just follow my instinct and simply try to stay on top when i asked him what to do because im an absolute beginner...
  8. whitebeltforever

    Punching bag/pad alternatives?

    I would like to practice at home with a punching bag but they take way too much room in my small apartment and are expensive too, or needs to be installed into the ceiling or be on a stand. Even the free standing ones are too big and heavy for my apartment and I would have to move it around when...
  9. whitebeltforever

    Does martial arts feature in your dreams?

    I have this recurring dream and have had it for as long as i can remember. it's always the same theme of someone trying to do harm to me or my loved ones, and i can't punch or kick because when i try my arms and legs turn to jelly... i am completely powerless and helpless and then i wake up...
  10. whitebeltforever

    humble karate student :)

    Hi everyone, I just started karate for the second time in my life and I'm loving it, the friendliness, great sense of humour and feelings of comfort in my new dojo. The last time I started karate was because I got punched on the street for no reason by a random person and I wanted to learn self...