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  1. Shifu Steve

    Jwing Ming Yang

    Thanks again. I have been writing a piece in one of the styles I practice on the applications of Qin na specifically to it and was referencing his Analysis of Shaolin Qin na book for some ideas. It was great to see the techniques on video.
  2. Shifu Steve

    Jwing Ming Yang

    Oaktree were there other links to his Qin na lecture?
  3. Shifu Steve

    Jwing Ming Yang

    Thanks for posting those. I was recently reading his analysis of Qin na and it appears his Uke (for lack of the Chinese equivalent) is the same as in the book. Great book though. You can easily incorporate the ideas into your own training.
  4. Shifu Steve

    The world is my dojo.

    I train(ed) outdoors year-round. Nothing wrong with that. Two days ago I worked out with a friend of mine in 2 feet of snow in Central Park. At the very least it shows commitment to what your doing. Good for you.
  5. Shifu Steve

    Philosophy or not?

    This is an interesting question, more so after reading through the posts. I have always defined "Martial Arts" as an organization of combative movement that expresses an underlying philosophy. But...after reading through some of the posts I guess "philosophy" needs to be qualified. So I would...
  6. Shifu Steve

    Questions about switching arts

    In a similar experience, I have studied a style of Jujutsu for years however recently I have been attending a Judo class to gain a different perspective on balance breaks. Some of the differences are so subtle, yet emphasized in one style over the other. It's these subtle differences that make...
  7. Shifu Steve

    Questions about switching arts

    Not forget what you learned but be open to what you're going to learn and that it will contain some differences that will be difficult to deal with. When I trained in a new art after training in my primary one for years, I found the biggest challenge was some of the things I thought were the...
  8. Shifu Steve

    What do you think is the most ruthless?

    The joint and bone breaks in Tai Chi I can see from watching some of the forms. I have not seen an overt reference to an eye gouge in a Tai Chi form, but I'll admit I've had limited exposure.
  9. Shifu Steve

    How good was Bruce Lee??

    Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by saying he was a purist? I would argue the opposite in the sense that he was all about introducing whatever worked into his fighting system (JKD).
  10. Shifu Steve

    What do you think is the most ruthless?

    I would say all styles have the potential to be utilized in a ruthless manner. However, some lend themselves to ruthlessness more than others. The idea behind a style like Aikido is peaceful. That's not to say it can't be used to inflict harm. However, there are styles I've seen in CMA that...
  11. Shifu Steve

    The Hobbyist vs. The Serious Student

    My point is "Huh?" doesn't help anyone to address what you do or don't understand. Anyway, the bottom line is in teaching I do not specifically separate SD aspects from the more philosophical ones (the art side of things). When I described a style of Martial Arts as "combative movements...
  12. Shifu Steve

    The Hobbyist vs. The Serious Student

    Is this a serious response? If you have a question about something I've posted state it directly.
  13. Shifu Steve

    The Hobbyist vs. The Serious Student

    1) In my experience a lot of people that dabble in MA are there for what they perceive will be a lesson in SD. Chris Parker's opinions on what constitutes SD aside (for the record I do agree with most of what he's said in prior posts I've read) I think that a lot of school's bill what they are...
  14. Shifu Steve

    Personality and Martial Arts

    As my teacher once put it, Martial Arts are "an outer expression of the inner self."
  15. Shifu Steve

    Is More Better?

    Personally I train under the "Occam's Razor" theory. I feel the most basic (simple) response is typically the most correct. That's not to say I don't know "a number" of techniques or forms, it's just I try to brake them down to a few basic concepts that I use.
  16. Shifu Steve

    Has MMA surpassed traditional MA in its effectiveness

    I've been away from the forum for a few months and when I saw this quote I knew it had been too long. Good stuff. I miss the blanket generalities. The MMA/TMA debate lives on and I doubt it's going away. The person that started the post may have been a beer or two short of a six pack but he...
  17. Shifu Steve

    Forums: The Pros & Cons

    This is actually the only forum I participate in except for one that is typically just amongst people I have directly trained with. I have to say it has been a very positive experience for me and the biggest pro is seeing so many perspectives on the same topic that are well thought out. I have...
  18. Shifu Steve

    Does your first art determine how you will learn others?

    I think if you put some serious thought into your training you can either find all the answers you need in one art or find an art that complements your primary. I've said before that I think students these days are too quick to learn a new art because of perceived limitations in the one they...
  19. Shifu Steve

    External training motivators...what get's you going?

    I would just have to visit or send a video to my Shifu, get ripped apart, then realize I need more practice.
  20. Shifu Steve

    Sports relation to Self Defence.

    This has been my understanding as well however with one departure. The underlying concepts learned from training, while initially derived from the particular martial art, can be absorbed, reapplied to a different medium, and extrapolated outside of the original context they were learned in. I'll...
  21. Shifu Steve

    Sports relation to Self Defence.

    Ask and you shall receive. Chris when it comes to adding content to a discussion you have effectively cornered the market. Well done sir.
  22. Shifu Steve

    A Martial Artists Word

    Good question. Yes. Those that have dedicated themselves to true martial arts (in a philosophical sense) should be held to a higher standard. In my training we have a state called a superior person. This is a place one arrives to from training that indicates a dedication to ethics...
  23. Shifu Steve

    Sports relation to Self Defence.

    I attempted to invoke an older chain but I have fallen short. In a prior post (something about sport vs self defense about a month or two ago) there was some great feedback on the point of martial arts. Obviously controversial but nonetheless relevant. Chris Parker drove the discussion. I...
  24. Shifu Steve

    Has MMA popularity helped or hurt the MA Community?

    Ralph I don't disagree with your logic here. As I said, in my view the end result to why I train is not violence. However I think that the notion of using violence as a last resort may be a more favorable approach now then say 40 years ago. I like to say things in posts like "I'm not...
  25. Shifu Steve

    Has MMA popularity helped or hurt the MA Community?

    Mac I like your point here. While philosophically I would stand by violence is a measure but one that should be used after other avenues are exhausted I think that the martial arts are like all things in the sense that attitudes and opinions on the subject go in and out of fashion with the...
  26. Shifu Steve

    Anyone train ever train with an injury?

    I have trained through injury and as a result they lasted much longer than if I had let them heal. By "much" I mean years.
  27. Shifu Steve

    Black belt on your resume?

    It totally depends on the job. Like others have said, if it's for law enforcement or security then it is relevant and perhaps looked upon as an asset. In my industry it would be looked upon as unprofessional and possibly laughed at. It is not, as others have said, anything like a bachelors or...
  28. Shifu Steve

    Ailing Hapkido MA'ist arrested trying to find Bin Laden...

    Too bad he wasted the trip. Apparently Bin Laden's going on vacation this October...first class.
  29. Shifu Steve

    Chinese grappling arts?

    It (Qin Na) is a major aspect of the main CMA I train in. I believe the literal translation is to seize and control although I reserve the right to be corrected on that. I also believe it is the predecessor of Jujutsu. A difference being that while Jujutsu is an inclusive style, Qin Na, as...
  30. Shifu Steve

    How much(different styles) does it take?

    I think the obvious advantage of a style is that it's an organized, codified, tested approach. One way to approach it is to adopt it as doctrine and stay within its parameters. This is a traditional approach. Another way is to take aspects of it that you prefer (i.e. find effective) and adopt...