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  1. Why Did I Start To Resent BJJ?

    Why Did I Start To Resent BJJ?

    This entry is a bit more autobiographical. Before getting into the titular topic; I need to set the background. My original home martial arts school (Tae Kwon-Do) was well attended by adults and children alike. We trained hard, spared hard, and had a great atmosphere. One day, a seminar by a...
  2. My Unsolicited Opinions

    Martial Artist or Martial Arts Practitioner?

    This idea has been rolling around in my head for several weeks now. I debated posing this question on a discussion thread; but ultimately decided to use the blog format. Am I a Martial Artist... or am I simply a Martial Arts Practitioner? This distinction first began to grow in my mind while...
  3. MadMartigan

    Comment by 'MadMartigan' in 'Testing'

    Coming through 5/5
  4. The Technique That Will Always Work

    The Technique That Will Always Work

    What technique will work no matter what? When everything else goes wrong; what move did your martial art teach you that will never fail? Does such a thing exist? Even seasoned martial artists are sometimes guilty of following after this holy grail of self defense mastery. They want to find that...
  5. My Unsolicited Opinions

    My Unsolicited Opinions

    Opinions on the Martial Arts... and whatever else comes to mind.