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  1. Shifu Steve

    Getting Students

    I know a good number of members in the forum teach and have dedicated, commercially viable training spaces. My question is more geared towards those that teach from their home or something similar; In your experience how did you attract students?
  2. Shifu Steve

    Martial Arts History

    I have some time off in the next couple weeks so could anyone suggest some of their favorite books related to history and martial arts in China or Japan? Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. Shifu Steve

    Picking Fights With Strangers

    Pardon the misleading title: So some time ago I had to move for work and lost my training partners in the process. I had just earned the rank of teacher then and thought about looking for students but my schedule was so erratic I decided it wouldn't be fair to them so I went in search of...
  4. Shifu Steve

    Style and Limitations

    Each style has its own inherent limitations as well as strengths. The scope of human movement is far too great to study "in general" for it to be practical for the purpose of Martial Arts or combat. Therefore studying a given style gives the martial artist the advantage of limiting the scope...
  5. Shifu Steve

    New Website

    I just started a site for myself and some of the guys we have trained with over the years (some aren't too savvy with the digital age so they may still be trying to figure out that pesky thing called the internet). Anyhow, I want to invite you to respond to any of the blogs on there and take it...
  6. Shifu Steve

    New to Martial Talk

    Hi everybody. I'm new to this forum and look forward to being involved with some of the discussions. I have a new site (I don't sell anything) at where we discuss martial arts conceptually as well as post ideas for technique, drills, conditioning, etc. Check it out if you...