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  1. MartialHermit8

    What is your opinion about the Systema Ryabko?

    Hi guys, I have been practicing Systema Kadochnikova for a fight, and thinking about checking out other styles, have you had experience with Ryabko? I have heard many bad rumours about him.
  2. MartialHermit8

    The origins of Russian Snake and Eagle Kungfu Master

    Hey guys, stumbled across this video about this Russian Bullshido sensation...the eagle and snake master that claims to be invincible. Can't believe he is serious xD
  3. MartialHermit8

    The Origins and creation of Systema Kadochnikova

    Hello guys, as a systema practitioner I have always wondered how come each style, being Ryabko, Starov, Vasiliev, etc are completely different and seem to have almost nothing in common. Would like to share a vid expalining the original creation process of the Systema Kadochnikova. Its some...