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    Tim Bathurst, Jamie MacAninch, Duncan Stewart

    HI all, Any info on who their Australian instructors were, if applicable. Trying to trace the lineage. I'll probably hear it was Wayne Roy for all of them, but if anyone can share any contrary info that'd be great. Best training,
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    Andrew Beattie (Sydney)

    On the yotube website there is a few Ed Lomax clips which I enjoyed, and on the 'related videos' there is a few videos from a guy called mouxou or something similar. His videos are of Andrew Beattie. Andrew is a guy who seems to utilise his strikes perhaps more than others do so. I am...
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    Sifu Simonet and Sifu Serrano

    Anyone tell me who their instructors were? Both look like serious guys, who have trained in Kenpo, Arnis etc etc. Great diverse mix. Thanks
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    Australian bujinkan

    Hi all, I have to say, with the little bits I actually know of this art, and in particular throughout Australia, I am indeed impressed. I have seen (footage of) the following: Tim Bathurst Greg Hinks Andrew Netes Andrew Jarvis Duncan Mitchell Duncan Stewart John Cantor Ed Lomax Jamie Mac...