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    26 Moments After hat happen to today I wanted to post something positive. I got this link from Suzanne Luna.
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    Rory Miller Conflict Communication Seminar

    I had a chance to meet Rory and spend a few days with him. Meditations On Violence Facing Violence He is definitely on my reading list. I highly recommend his seminars. He gives a twist to information you probably already know. He will make you think in a different way. He will fill in some...
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    Hello~ from LA

    Welcome to Martial Talk.
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    Hi there.

    Hope you find this forum to be friendly and informational.
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    Wally Jay

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    Bruce Lee JKD Collection

    Got the link from Ron Balicki (oops, not JKD but Bruce Lee's personal library) iFWeLM5h7Dg
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    Sword & Shadows

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    Man shuns body scan, prompting flap with TSA and celebrity status on Web

    Source:,0,4150606.story More info can be found on Johnny's Blog:
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    'Happy Days' dad Tom Bosley dies at 83

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    A Whale Of A Good Deed

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    Knife Attack (graphic)

    BEjKU0p9JZw If this happened in your neighborhood what would you do as a bystander? I would get out and find a safe place to call the cops. Another reason why we need to know where all the exits are located.
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    Knife Attack (graphic)

    Can a moderator preview this for acceptable content? Knife Attack f3b_1286227189 The guy with his back to the doorway gets cut. The clerk has a gun nearby. Assuming everything is in real time this act of violence happens in seconds. Are you a good witness? Can you describe the...
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    Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto (video clip)

    Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto PpFSwQztptQ
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    Hey Carol, I'm finally taking guitar lessons. woo hoo! Hope all is well with you.

    Hey Carol, I'm finally taking guitar lessons. woo hoo! Hope all is well with you.
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    Ben T. Largusa [1926 - 2010]

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    Why are escrima and wing chun often paired together?

    I thought the vids may help others see some what of a correlation. The 2nd vid was one way to show how one hand helps the other. The 3rd video is Sifu Gary Lam demonstrating how the hands help each other. Gary Lam is a great guy. He teaches out in Los Angeles (Monterey Park).
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    Bugtongan stickwork by Guro Buzz Smith

    Bugtongan stickwork xXODnaj6-b0
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    Why are escrima and wing chun often paired together?

    Maha Guro Buzz Smith instructs Maharlika Kuntaw (FMA). Triangle Concept bX7yTkOiSqw Blocking Byp5p3uSOGI Gary Lam instructs a seminar at Burbank 2009 ernBJ9RfHxg
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    What is Bullying?

    Diane Lee Inosanto working on this project. The Bully Project
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    How the Pilot Saved the Day

    Source: Video clip on the link posted above.
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    Elmo & TV Commercials

    Hilarious Elmo comedian -VJM5gBH7hM
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    Gun Disarms

    As for the elbow to the back of the hand, I see that also in Krav Maga. You can feel the barrel of the gun on your back. As you twist away and turn the gun is no longer pointed at you. In training from the back I have not gotten shot from an airsoft. In the front I have been shot multiple...
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    Gun Disarms

    They were doing the take downs slowly multiple times. At real speed the person goes down fast. I'm still waiting for a response. They have a seminar coming up in London around October. Here's there website:
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    Gun Disarms

    Oh I see now. If I get a chance I will bring this up. This disarm was more unique to me than the usual Krav Maga gun disarms. Thought I'll share something different. One of the important aspect of self defense is how did I get in this situation to begin with.
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    Gun Disarms

    Nothing is guaranteed. Get a buddy and practice with an airsoft and see if he can get a shot off of you. According Maul Moirne, John and Matt have instructed members of the British SAS and endorsed by SAS Legend John (Mac) McAleese. The gun gets swept to the side. I personally do not see the...
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    Donuts and Cops

    Gabriel Iglesias Donuts and Cops nUIh2U7hFAo
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    Gun Disarms

    Gun Disarms r8Uzwt-GEAc
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    What is Bullying?

    Source: I got this from Diane Lee Inosanto.
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    Dog Brothers Gathering 2009

    This is last year's Gathering. WVhZBDgcUxQ
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    Sonny Puzikas Systema

    Archives of Violence. Part One gDO9CyjkmHw