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  1. Hawke

    26 Moments After hat happen to today I wanted to post something positive. I got this link from Suzanne Luna.
  2. Hawke

    Bruce Lee JKD Collection

    Got the link from Ron Balicki (oops, not JKD but Bruce Lee's personal library) iFWeLM5h7Dg
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    Sword & Shadows

  4. Hawke

    Man shuns body scan, prompting flap with TSA and celebrity status on Web

    Source:,0,4150606.story More info can be found on Johnny's Blog:
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    'Happy Days' dad Tom Bosley dies at 83

  6. Hawke

    Knife Attack (graphic)

    Can a moderator preview this for acceptable content? Knife Attack f3b_1286227189 The guy with his back to the doorway gets cut. The clerk has a gun nearby. Assuming everything is in real time this act of violence happens in seconds. Are you a good witness? Can you describe the...
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    Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto (video clip)

    Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto PpFSwQztptQ
  8. Hawke

    Ben T. Largusa [1926 - 2010]

  9. Hawke

    Bugtongan stickwork by Guro Buzz Smith

    Bugtongan stickwork xXODnaj6-b0
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    How the Pilot Saved the Day

    Source: Video clip on the link posted above.
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    Elmo & TV Commercials

    Hilarious Elmo comedian -VJM5gBH7hM
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    Donuts and Cops

    Gabriel Iglesias Donuts and Cops nUIh2U7hFAo
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    Gun Disarms

    Gun Disarms r8Uzwt-GEAc
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    What is Bullying?

    Source: I got this from Diane Lee Inosanto.
  15. Hawke

    Dog Brothers Gathering 2009

    This is last year's Gathering. WVhZBDgcUxQ
  16. Hawke

    Sonny Puzikas Systema

    Archives of Violence. Part One gDO9CyjkmHw
  17. Hawke

    BJJ: 2nd Degree Black Belt

    Second degree black belt test under Professor Roy Harris. UQClTlJzuzU
  18. Hawke

    Cat thrown in bin by complete stranger

    Cat thrown in bin by complete stranger l1xuLs7BCeo Link for the story:
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    Wedding Cake Mistake

    Reading some of these translations made me remember a story I heard....
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    Funny Animals

    Cute animal shots with captions. It made me think of this site. uPKINYCMTFY
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    10 Truly Ridiculous Criminal Acts

    Source: These are supposedly 10 real stories of criminals that had an unexpected outcome. Here's the one where two guys attempted to rob Chuck Norris:
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    Garage sale find called pricey Ansel Adams lot

  23. Hawke

    Khmer Rouge torturer jailed for 30 years

  24. Hawke

    Government Requests Google Data (including YouTube).

    Source: Source: Source...
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    93 Year Old Involved In Shake Down Over Applesauce By TSA

    wHxy5GattLY Update:
  26. Hawke

    Dorothy Height - Civil Rights Leader passed away at 98

    Source: Dorothy Height
  27. Hawke

    Government goes high-tech to redesign $100 bills

    Source: [/COLOR][/LEFT]
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    An Old Okinawan Karate Secret? The Double Bone Block

    Source: According to Ron van de Sandt (the author of the article) he believes that the double block bone technique is stronger in certain cases. The source links has pics to better demonstrate the technique. I think the author could...
  29. Hawke

    Doc - Sub Level Four Kenpo Seminar

    Hey All, I just found out that Doc (Dr. Ron Chapel) is doing a seminar in June with Cliff Stewart. Camp of the Masters 2010. Hoping Doc sees this post and can give us some info about the seminar and the material that will be covered.
  30. Hawke

    70-Year-Old Woman Puts Carjacker In Headlock

    Source: Credit goes to Guro Marc Denny (stole his post)