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  1. Young Warrior

    HELP : Lightheadedness

    Hi EveryOne, When my instructor(s) is showing 2 & 4 of Sohn Mohk Soo to my partner in which he is using me to demonstrate on. Why is it that I get lightheaded or what causes the lightheadedness?? What can I do to avoid this thing again??? Thanks so Much!
  2. Young Warrior

    HELP : Kuk Sool Won Terms

    Hi EveryOne, Im testing next month & was wondering if anyone here knows of a website were i can download or get free mp3 of KSW terms like the basic stances , kicks & strikes. Thanks
  3. Young Warrior

    Ki Cho Hyung Question

    Hey Ya'll, I know that ur are gonna bash me for this but in Ki Cho Hyung the 6th form is it a double jump kick or just a jump kick for oneside before repeating it to the other side.???
  4. Young Warrior

    HELP Terminology Question

    Like when the JKN tells us to get into left stance or when he is done showing us something or when he says to me lu go over or lu do this.
  5. Young Warrior

    HELP Terminology Question

    I was just letting them know all of that too. yes u are right but i need some help on how to say " yes sir " in Korean.
  6. Young Warrior

    HELP Terminology Question

    Hi EveryOne, Recently in my school ( kuk sool Won ) they made terminology as well as common phases a requirement in our testings. I would like to show my instructors that im trying my best plus get use to responding in korean in class. Im looking for an free audio or mp3 of yes sir in korean...
  7. Young Warrior

    Music while doing Hyungs??

    My Instuctor plays this traditional aisan / chinese music kinda like meditation type where there is flutes & all & you feel as though you are in china or in a temple praticing your hyungs.
  8. Young Warrior

    Music while doing Hyungs??

    Hi EveryOne, When doing your Hyungs at home what type of asian music do u play?? What are some good traditional asian music to play while practicing hyungs???
  9. Young Warrior

    Board & belt framed????

    Hi EveryOne, I was wondering if Hobby Lobby framed stuff. I want to get my 1st board that i broke a few weekends ago framed as well as my old belt. If not where is a really good place to get these things framed at??? & how much would it cost???
  10. Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won poses with & w/out various weapons
  11. Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won poses with & w/out various weapons
  12. Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won

    Kuk Sool Won poses with & w/out various weapons
  13. Young Warrior

    Schedule HELP!!! - FIT GYM IN???

    HI EveryOne, I need some help/ advice on my weekly routine. I would like to somewhere fit in some gym time but don't know where to put it in. Cause my teachers always tell us to practice on our on time & practice this & that at the gym & do these things as well at the gym. Here is my weekly...
  14. Young Warrior

    Blogger -upload a pic of a map

    Hi EveryOne, I don't know how to upload a map from . I know this might sound stupid if u look at my blog & see a few maps on there already. The thing is i forgot how i actually did it! OMG! I tried clicking on the pic in the new post area & click on from this blog then i saw a...
  15. Young Warrior

    Storm lovers ???

    Hi EveryOne, Im just curious but how here likes to study storms ( tornadoes , Hurricanes ETC) ?? Any storm spotters or storm chasers on here???
  16. Young Warrior

    Hey Ya'll

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcoming !!!
  17. Young Warrior

    Best Blog Services ??????????

    Hi EveryOne, Which one is better & why ? Blogger or Wordpress Or if u want to suggest one go right ahead! Thanks
  18. Young Warrior

    Kuk Sool Won what is it?

    The way my Instructor to us is this : u take taekwondo & Kung Fu & you have Kuk Sool Won. We take the slow movements from Kung Fu & put it on our forms taekwondo is were we get the hard rough kicks from.
  19. Young Warrior

    FMS Europe Summit Seminars HUGE success!

    It sounds like u had an awesome time!!
  20. Young Warrior

    "yes sir" in a Korean classroom

    In My martial arts school we say yes sir & when warming up we have to count in Korean. We also have to tell the instructors what forms we are doing in Korean as well as the techniques.
  21. Young Warrior

    Kuk Sool Testing Question

    Hi EveryOne, When testing for a higher belt or stripe in Kuk Sool do u also have to do the lower belt techniques & forms or just the techniques & forms required for the belt or stripe level in which u are testing for??? Thanks
  22. Young Warrior

    Hello from Arkansas.

    :asian: WELCOME :asian:
  23. Young Warrior

    Hey Ya'll

    Thanks Edudley :D :asian:
  24. Young Warrior

    New to MT

    :asian: Welcome! :asian:
  25. Young Warrior

    Greetings all

    :asian: WELCOME ! :asian:
  26. Young Warrior

    Hey Ya'll

    Howdy right back at ya partner! :asian:
  27. Young Warrior

    Starting in March

    Congrads on starting Muay Thai !!! What i would say is just keep up your fitness or even push it up a little bit so when u go to ur 1st class u wouldn't be like barely making it through the class.
  28. Young Warrior

    Need help.plssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

    I would go online & try to do some research of the local gyms around me first then try to contact them & see what they say. Good Luck :asian:
  29. Young Warrior

    Shin Guards and other equipment

    u can take a look on they have real good stuff for good prices plus i have shopped alot!
  30. Young Warrior


    I have shopped at & they are really good & fast shipping just depends on where u live at.