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    Dae-Han Hwarang-Do question

    I am looking at a certificate that states this: Park, Young Chin (Jin) President (9th Grade) General Headquarters Dae-Han Hwarang-Do Swordsmanship Association Above this it states: "..qualified to be the holder of 7th as a result of the 3rd Grade Promotion Contest of Swordsmanship..." Does...
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    TKD lineage again (KTA)

    Forgive me if I asked this question before but I have now found copies of my Grandmaster's certificates - some of them at least. I need to know what you guys think of what I have found. Anyone hear of Dae-Han Hwarang-Do Swordsmanship Association GM Han received a "holder of 7th as result of...
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    Can you name this form in this video?

    I am covering my bases here...can you tell me the lineage of this form (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)?
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    Can you name the form in this video?

    I was told to post this in the Japanese section to see if you can find any lineage of this form...thanks!
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    Can you name this form?

    I may have to post this in the Chinese section as well...not sure.
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    Anyone train under Kum Hong Lee?

    Trying to find a way to get in contact with him and his lineage... Thanks
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    Asia symbols - translation help The symbols on the rights hand side of the page - can anyone tell me what origin (chinese??) they come from? The are supposed to translate into "Never give up" or "perseverance"...unable to verify.
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    Fighting drills - 1 steps - 3 steps - etc.

    Okay - throwing a monkey wrench in again. We practice these techniques (fighting/sparring) in our system. 1 step fighting (total 12) attacker down blocks and throws 1 punch 3 step fighing (total 8) attacker down blocks then throws 3 punches Yun Gong - (close fighting ...attacker...
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    Is/was the ever a Korean TKD Federation?

    I have someone stating that there was a Korean TKD Federation...true or false?
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    Anyone know Young, Chin (Jin) Park - of Hwarangdo?

    Young, Chin (Jin) Park? I think he was one of the original jidokwan graduates???
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    Question on Forms Origin

    Here are the forms we are using in our system: Can you tell me where they originated? (spelling may be off) Koryo Batsai Chulgi Form 1 Chulgi Form 2 No-pe (Nope'?) Sip Soo Youn Bi (Yoon Bi) Chulgi Form 3 Pyung-Won Sip Jin Kong San Kun Du-Tae 38-So Hun-Kwon Han-Soo Il-Yu Palgi-Kwon Youn Wha...
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    TKD history - trying to find lineage

    Hello - I am a student of Youn Wha Ryu. I am currently updating/correcting our GM's lineage due to the fact that we think their was mistranslation when his biography was taken many years ago. I am trying to gather multiple sources to cross-reference his history and the history of TKD...
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    Hey to all - looking for TKD history

    I am new and looking to find history on my instructor - GM Man Hee Han. My style is Youn Wha Ryu. Thanks in advanced...