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    Good afternoon! It's been a little while since I've joined you, and I am pretty new to this forum, however, I do have a question that I'm hoping will open up some good discussion. I used to train in Chung Do Kwan, and was taught traditional style (quite rare I'm finding now). I did not train...
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    Best Quality Black Belt

    Who knows where I can find the nicest/best quality/widest black belt. I will be testing for my 1st degree, and would like to make sure that I ask my instructor to order the belt from the site with the best product. I will have the embroidery on it, and am looking forward to finally achieving...
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    shin splints

    Good Afternoon! I have been getting back into working out after a sabbatical from a back injury. I am getting frustrated because I keep getting shin splints, and unless I take a couple of days off between working out, I have trouble running, kicking, jumping, etc. Who has some good advice as...
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    Kibon Poomsae

    A previous entry noted six Kibon poomsae developed within Chungdokwan by Master Hae Man Park. Where can I find the demonstration of these?