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    Wing Chun is ******** !

    And I'll Start over with a White Belt of Ameridote, under the supervision of Master Ken. This is my coming out video :********/
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    Interview of Sifu Fernandez aka Fighterman : Wing Tchun Do
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    Some reflexions on the fist, from different parts of wing chun : SLT BJ Long Pole Comments, critics, jokes welcome.
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    Cross Training : Wing Chun - Parkour

    http://Cross Training Wing Chun - Parkour :
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    Defense and attack around a neck hold : Wing Chun Strasbourg
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    New Video : Tactics in Wing Chun

    Tactics in Wing Chun, with the courtesy of El Gringo and Shanice Alonya Sloan
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    4th Chi Sao Section (French For Now)
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    Hypnosis and Wing chun English version
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    3 Empty ended taos in Wing Chun : video and comments Commments, and discussion welcome !
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    Low Kicks and Wing Chun (French) Ecole du Poulpe Radieux Strasbourg And a crappy image English Version. Comments and new ideas for furthers videos to come, mostly in english I think (sorry for my...
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    About Chi : What's, and What is not...

    I post this vid矇o again here, because I dare to think it's one that can be interesting to watch, just by reading and listening to the feedback I have on it until now. I don't say that chi doesn't exist, I really don't know, I just wanted to point out what is Bull ****, and what is not. In...
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    Chi in Wing Chun : PArt 03 English version
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    Chi in Wing Chun : Part 01 and 02 : Physical aspects : ENGLISH VERSION

    Here, started new videos on the theme, but with other people and in english. Don't say the same things than in the french version though. More video will come in the end of the week, shooting tomorrow. The english...
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    Chi use and manipulation in Wing Chun.

    Sorry for that, but for now, I'm working on subtitles, so it's still only in French. Any questions, feel free.
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    Wing Chun OC : Bong Sao Fever !

    Based on some text Tsui Sheung Ting, the 3rd student of Yip man wrote, he said in substance that bong sao, by his spiral nature, can be used in defense but also as an offensive move, I decided to write an article and make a vid矇o on the subject. The vid矇o is in French, but I made a traduction...
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    Wing Chun (OC : Ouingue Choune in French) : The Long bridge

    Hello, Just a first article to share and discuss some notions I had the chance to see with people from the Leung Shen Lineage : Key points on Yee gee kim yeung ma : Kim Sut : Internal roation of the hips, witch keeps the knees rotated inside and flexed, the apex of the patella is aligned...
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    Poulpe Radieux : Wing Chun Strasbourg France.

    Hello, My name is Nico, I'm an independant Wing Chun Teacher in Strasbourg, France. I started Wing Chun 10 years ago, and I started teaching 4 years ago. I worked 3 years in WTF Taekwondo, 3 years Yang Tai chi and I practiced french boxing, boxing, Muay Boran and a bit of Baguazhang and...
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    Wing chun Playlist : Ecole du Poulpe Radieux : Strasbourg Feel free to comment, ask, share.