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    Ron Collins, aka "Draven Azropht," aka Student of Ashida Kim/Sensei to Ronin7411, UPDATE

    I was wrong. More than a year after he was originally arrested, Mr. Collins has a trial date on two counts of possessing child pornography. This is a bench trial, not a jury trial. It is set for 23 July, 2013.
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    Ron Collins, aka "Draven Azropht," aka Student of Ashida Kim/Sensei to Ronin7411, UPDATE

    Just to update this thread, I am not entirely certain because all I have to go on is his YouTube channel, but these charges against Ron Collins were apparently dropped. He's posted several videos to that adress his legal woes in amazing detail -- threatening to...
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    Ron Collins, aka "Draven Azropht," aka Student of Ashida Kim/Sensei to Ronin7411, UPDATE
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    Ron Collins, aka "Draven Azropht," aka Student of Ashida Kim/Sensei to Ronin7411, UPDATE
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    master and au shu i really talk to

    Forgive the late commentary, but for those wishing condensed closure, I can offer this: Billy "Blackswordshinobi" Crepeau is a resident of Elmira Heights, New York, where he resides with his common-law wife. While I can't say with certainty that both are wards of the state in some capacity, it...
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    Boston Ruminations

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    Jesus was a vampire?

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    Coolest flash animation EVER

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    Disturbing Relevance to My Work

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    I've just started Wing Chun!

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    Any way to ignore an entire forum?

    Indeed. If you don't like my opinions, you can do two things. You can engage me in a discussion of substantive issues, or you an spend your time whining, complaining, and insulting me. The second is the easier and much more popular option, especially among the weak-willed and weak-minded...
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    crkt and emerson

    Understand that when you buy an Emerson, you're paying for slightly better steel and workmanship, at least in theory, but what you're really paying for is demand. A functioning liner lock is a functioning liner lock, period; I doubt there's any real difference between the strength of a CRKT...
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    Still looking for articles

    Bob, Are you hosting them here in the forum, now, or still releasing PDF files?
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    You have received perfectly reasonable answers that are perfectly consistent with everything I have stated publicly. The fact that you do not like the answers does not mean that you did not get them. I am disappointed by your refusal to discuss this in a civil, respectful fashion.
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    I have never claimed to have any credentials anyone would find impressive. I have studied various traditional and non-traditional martial arts for the last fifteen years, including but not limited to Chidokwan Karate (my first), Wing Chun Kung Fu (my longest, to date), Liu Seong Kung Fu (my...
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    No, I did not evade. I answered your questions in an entirely reasonable manner. Why did you say you were done with the conversation if you were going to keep arguing about it?
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    Stating the truth is not an evasion. Providing sources is not an evasion. Stating flatly that you will not be impressed by that which you've said will not impress you is not an evasion. When you don't get the answer you want, this is not the same as not getting an answer.
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    With all due respect, Edmund, you're not making much sense to me. I've just gotten done telling you that I have no credentials that would impress you -- how would my detailing those unimpressive credentials make any difference one way or another? Quite the contrary, I have stated so publicly...
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    There is your problem. My martial arts background is not "limited," nor am I a "novice." My work bears this out. I imagine you see it as such because, apparently, you accept as having valid experience only those whose official credentials correspond to whatever criteria you've set. This is...
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    I didn't say they werent' of any value. I said they don't determine the truth or falsehood of a statement. This is simple logic. When you evaluate an idea, hopefully applying critical analysis as part of maintaining an active mind in everything you do (note that this is NOT an "open"...
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    The Appeal to Authority is a logical fallacy. The truth or falsehood of an idea is not determined by the resume of the person uttering it. If I point out that you're not abiding by the moderator warning issued for this thread, Edmund, I imagine I'm engaging in some sort of unfair control of...
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    Is anyone out there STILL a Republican?

    Uh... do you know anything about Lincoln or what he did with his power as president during the Civil War? I'm thinking he wouldn't have had a problem with it...
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    Pressure testing self-defence techniques

    Judging the evil of an action is not simply a matter of perspective. Situational ethics might tell us that it is, but morals are objective, not subjective. Ask yourself, "Shesulsa" -- if a poster started dragging disputes from other threads into this thread in order to pursue some sort of...
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    UK Knife Amnesty

    You can finish that thought. What will be next to go is martial arts training. First it will be regulated. For your own good, of course. Then it will be regulated out of existence, if not banned outright. It's a logical and historical progression.
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    Is anyone out there STILL a Republican?

    Who said they were? Among the members of Congress who have formerly held office IN the KKK, however, is Mr. Byrd, who is... remind me again... a Democrat, right?