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    Marker Knife Video!

    Bryan: Insteresting clip and seems to be a worthwhile drill. Using the markers is probably a lot like what one encounters with the home-made shanks such from the corrections environment. I,m not a big fan of markers because there are some really good felt & chalk trainers that can produce the...
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    Training Tomahawk and NEW Training Knife

    Reference Bowie Knife Trainers..... For me Bowies should be BIG and WIDE I like 13 inch blades. Best Dwight
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    Training Tomahawk and NEW Training Knife

    Although I have an association with TAK knives, who competes with Jeremy, I have to say that back when I was operating my school I purchased a quanity of the tomahawk trainers and found them to be very useful when having to buy a quanity of affordable trainers for large numbers of students...
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    Kum-Do Vs. Ken-Do

    I've got my 1st Dan in Kumdo (Kendo) ( The Sport Aspect). The only difference I noticed with Kendo was in some of the preliminary protocol drills one goes through prior to a match. Kendo people tend to squat down during the initial bowing in but other than terminology I did not see much...
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    James Keating`s Bowie Knife course

    Although he is now doing some work with the Asian arts these days, it would reallly be worth your the time and money to train with James Keating. I've learned so very much from him. Anything I've ever done was a pale shadow of his work.....Top of line stuff. All My Best Dwight
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    what do you think of Piper?

    Erick: I certainly enjoyed those clips, definitely gets one to thinking beyound the common angles that many of us grew up learning......Somewhere in the past I remember seeing similar techniques but I can't remember who showed them. Oh well......good job. Best Dwight
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    Kirk: I somehow deleted your email, (along with a bunch of others...Oops!) At any rate we are...

    Kirk: I somehow deleted your email, (along with a bunch of others...Oops!) At any rate we are a little over two weeks from your visit and I just wanted to touch base to make sure you were still going to make it. Give me post at All Our Best Dwight, Jeneene, and Toy
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    Hoch's Knife/Counter Knife Book

    That's it, Kirk! When I'm working on a book that text is used a lot along with Bridgman's Constructive Anatomy for Artists. Mike Jannish's Contemporary Knife Targeting is also a big help. Best Dwight
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    Hoch's Knife/Counter Knife Book

    It is available through Hoch's website runs $55.00 which is a bit high but I think you'll find when you look at the amount of information it contains it will be well worth it. All My Best Dwight
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    Hoch's Knife/Counter Knife Book

    Just got Hoch's new Knife Counter-Knife book last week. I had been bugging Hoch for several years to re-publish the old Knife Fighting Encyclopedia ....well he did the next best thing which was publish a new, updated version that falls into the category of 'Professional' material for those whose...
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    James Keating

    I have to tell you, Brother, I really agree.....Conceptual Gold is vintage Keating at it's best. I still have the old VHs copies and still use them. These are just classic 'Conceptual' Keating thinking and reflect a logic path that many of us could really learn something from. If Jim Keating...
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    James Keating

    ( Is his current material the same as his older stuff from the early Paladin vids? I liked that material. I especially appreciated his application of the Incartatta and the Passata Soto.) I'm not really sure, I know that some updates were made to the older material that you are referencing...
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    James Keating

    I've been trying to ween myself away from these forums but I thought it would be right if I threw my hat in the arena for James Keating. I have been lucky enough to have trained with Jim at the New York Riddle, years ago. I have corresponded with him and shared ideas with him over the past...
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    Garrote Larense ?

    Girotto. I too had the opportunity to train with Mr. Cruichi and can attest to the validity of Kirk and Ken's comments. In fact Mr. Cruichi attended my Bowie classes as well and I found him to be a totally empty cup willing to recieve new instruction without any presence of ego. Surly the...
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    Grappling With The Knife!

    For me and just my humble thoughts as a teacher and retired instructor, I cannot understand why anyone would not want to teach knife grappling as part of their curriculum. It seems to me that even back in the days of the duel fights broke out, people went to the ground and it was not a matter...
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    The Latest Issue of WMA Illustrated

    David: Your absolutely right. I should have checked out the back issues before running my big mouth on a public forum. I'm afraid that I let some of the discussions made when I was on that advisory board influence my thoughts that nothing was going to change and we would have another...
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    The Latest Issue of WMA Illustrated

    Well, let me make a bit of a retraction here.....went back and looked at some of the latestest issues and actually they have a pretty good balance now. I see that the section on physical culture is there and some good stuff on boxing and Victorian era stuff. When this magazine was first being...
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    The Latest Issue of WMA Illustrated

    WMA Illustrated is a milestone publication and it is definitely worth subscribing too. The only warning I would give is that it represents a very small shapshot of the centuries that are spanned when one looks at the Western Martial Arts. If you are interested in Rennaissance and Medieval...
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    Fighting With A Blackthorn

    Here is a couple of sites that might be of use. The paper copies I have are dated 9/29/04 so not sure if they are still up and running.
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    Just Got My First Custom Bowie!!!

    Harold: That is certainly an impressive looking knife. I'm a big fan of those wide-bladed heavier Bowies. It is very reminscent of some of those antique Mexican Styles that were poplular at the close of the 19th Century. I know you are going to enjoy working with it. Last year Tim Ridge of...
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    Training with Martial Jerks!

    While you may call it the 'Jerk' factor it should probably be named the 'Ego' factor. In my humble experience, I met the whole gamit of these people and you know sometimes, just sometimes, the 'Show-Off' syndrome starts to take over. One has to be careful because this 'thing' resides in all of...
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    I think that Jim Keating DRAWPOINT was one of my better investments and some of Jim best work. I've found it has many applications that go beyound just the modern knife. Really worth the investment. Simplistic, solid instruction. Pete Kautz of Alliance Martial Arts also teaches a course on this...
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    Fighting Techniques of Ancient Rome

    Kirk: It was Vegititus. He pretty much lays out how the Roman Army fought. Gladiators & Blood Sport? There are quite a few reenactment groups who, Believe-it-or-not, know their history. Just do a search on Gladiatorial Combat and you'll find several. There is one (can't remember or spell...
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    Hock Hocheim opinions?

    Boar Man: Sorry for the late reply but I've been tied up elseware. Thanks for the mention but I'm not in the same class as the Hoch, Worden, Janish and most of you on this forum. To answer your question about the video. The answer is no! There are no plans to do a new one or update that...
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    Hock Hocheim opinions?

    Hoch Hochheim, James Keating, Mike Janish, Kelly Worden. All with FMA backgrounds.....I've been blessed to have trained with all of them. Each has some very unique aspects that makes it worthwhile to train with them and buy their material. You won't loose which ever direction you choose to go...
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    Hock Hocheim opinions?

    Here you go.... I've been one of Hoch's Instructors for several years. I've done a lot of work with the man and find him to be a very gifted instructor and great person. The thing that drew me to Hoch's written and video material was the simple, grass-roots approach to teaching and the...
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    Who's coming to the Cumann Bhata WMA Seminar?

    Thanks Kirk: Maybe next year. Recover is going well but slow just in the process of getting rid of those small sore spots. Should be up to speed by late August. Again, you guys have a great event this year. Best Dwight
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    Who's coming to the Cumann Bhata WMA Seminar?

    Instructors? What a list of thugs and gangsters.....! Oh well, My Kind of People . Since I was not invited, my feelings are going to be hurt for about 5 sec. Seriously I wish I was up to making this one. Hell, I'm missing ISMAC too. At any rate looks to be a great event with the regular WMA...
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    I need to say my piece

    After I sorted through all the 'cheast thumping' this is some pretty sound advice. Particularly this: Absolutely and picking up the subtle clues to an attack without the knife showing is essential. We talk and I demonstrate how someone might pull something out regularly and what things you can...
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    Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Knife Drills

    Good Job ! I really like the application to the 'real-world' environment. It's important to take this step away from the 'Dojo-Land' mentality. Very refreshing. Best Dwight