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    Improbability of the "Refinement" Theory

    Unfortunately, you don't see the improbability of your theory, or the complexity of your request. I don't know if others can relate, but I would liken it to a translator trying to "refine" a mangled result from Google Translate. Despite my sufficient experience and bit of talent in...
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    Paak-da chi-sau entry

    Came across these videos on paak-da, I assume a common chi-sau entry in most lineages. Wondering what the consensus here is on what is shown. Do you all agree with it? Is this how you do it? He shows two timings. Personally, I think both timings, the paak, and the punch are all wrong. I'll...
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    Delta Cup

    Greetings brethren! For my first post here I would like to share a video. It's several months old so it may have been seen before, but at least I'm not coming empty handed. It's from an annual open-style competition held in Germany already in it's sixth year. The competition is run by a school...