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  1. JWLuiza

    10 years

    :waah: 10 years since the passing of the founder of the MDK. :respect:
  2. JWLuiza

    Any experience with matoday TSD uniforms?

    Tang Soo Do world has a link to a company that I'm not familiar with. Has anyone tried the 14oz Moo Do uniforms? Thanks in advance.
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    Does anyone know this style?

    It is labeled as TSD but I think it is something different....
  4. JWLuiza

    A version of Wanduan

  5. JWLuiza

    Do you hear that? Nope, nothing to hear.... Who is around?

    Who's TSD around here and still reading.... Any questions you've been afraid to ask? Whatever happened to Lynne....
  6. JWLuiza

    Korean for Okinawan word: Wanduan

    I think Wanduan is supposed to mean King's Sword. Not sure though. Or it might be the name of a King from Okinawa. I'll scrounge around the 'net and see if I can pull more info....
  7. JWLuiza

    Original Version of Hwa Sun

    If anyone knows the published version of Hwa Sun and wouldn't mind answering a few questions, please PM me. I am working on the version published in Vol 2., just for fun. I don't plan on teaching anyone, just curious about the body mechanics.
  8. JWLuiza

    Another Trim Dobak thread...

    I just got a Tokaido tailored with black trim... SO NICE. Local tailor in Pitt did it for $30 (includes the cost of shortening the sleeves). Picked it up today and very happy. I hear Pine Tree (Sang Moo Sa) used to be really nice, but current quality is kinda meh. I love the canvas uniforms...
  9. JWLuiza

    Sa Bang Kwon

    First form on this set is Sa Bang Kwon
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    Please consider dog adoption in NC...

    And spay and neuter your pets. If you have the time, the money, and the love please consider:
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    A Forms/Kata/Hyung/Pattern Challenge

    I'm in a Behavioral Medicine class right now and we are working on trying to change one of our own behaviors in order to see how difficult it can be to change even the simplest things. It's an exercise in obtaining empathy for the patients that we'll see who will be obese, smokers, etc. And many...
  12. JWLuiza

    My Location Changed!

    Some of you might know that I started applying to med school in 06. It took me a few times but I am currently a first year at the University of Pittsburgh. So that's kind of cool ;) Any other Pitt students on board? I just found out I can't bring guests into the gym, so I'm trying to figure out...
  13. JWLuiza

    Fighting Dirty: Sport vs. Karate

    An Excerpt from my blog I'm trying to bring some traffic in to force me to write more, so check out the full post and comment in either place! Thanks!
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    A minor update

    If you are reading my blog, you'll have picked up on some of this: I'm testing for 2nd Dan 8/7/08... (About 6-8 years later than I hoped....) Which also happens to be my 30th birthday (About right on time) Whoa. Hopefully by then I'll be engaged and accepted into medical school... I'll...
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    You say Chamber, I say Hikite... Korean Form Application Meet Up

    We'll move the discussion here for the KMA meet-up re: Applications.
  16. JWLuiza

    Isshin-Ryu Open Tournament in VA This tournament looks really fun. I'm not linked to the school, but a few of my classmates might be going. Some interesting divisions: Team Sync. Kata Breaking Chinto only Kata Division
  17. JWLuiza

    Eastern Regional Karate Championship

    Link for tournament. My school hosts an open tournament every April. This year it is April 26th, 2008. If anyone is interested in finding out more information, you can PM me. We also need black belt judges. We don't like to have more than one or two from our school per ring, we think it...
  18. JWLuiza

    Friday Night Practice

  19. JWLuiza

    Appreciating Good Kata/Hyung regardless of Style

    Let us start discussion with Sochin (Shotakan Version) Most of use TSD people don't learn this, unless we go out of our way to pick up outside forms (I've pulled in Unsu, Nijyushiho, and Gojushiho Dai). Now while the mechanics are different than a SBD guy, or JT the Ninja's leg pick ups, I...
  20. JWLuiza

    Master Penfil and the Vision Hwang Kee

    So Master Penfil is all over the place putting time on the net offering help every time I click a new hyperlink. Now he just finished opening the school with multitudes of organizations present, and by all reported news had an amazing weekend. Ryu pa is discussed by Hwang Kee in Tang Soo Do...
  21. JWLuiza

    Perception of Form Difficulty

    One of the things I've noticed by visiting other schools is variance in "where" a form is in the curriculum. Some schools have Kanku Dai at black belt level and others at gup level. It seems to me, that the perception of the worth of a kata is almost entirely dependent on "when" a student...
  22. JWLuiza

    Black Belt Forms for your TSD School

    In my school we only have first and second degree forms. To test for third, you can do whatever form you want. I'm choosing my second degree forms now. Here is a list of our 1st and 2nd degree forms: 1st: Chinte, Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Sa Bang Kwan, Jion, Chinto 2nd: Kae Bek (An ITF TKD...
  23. JWLuiza

    State of the Art

    What are the burning questions you have regarding our art? What issues keep you up at night? I know for upnorthkyosa it was bunkai and the japan/okinawa connection. What about Master Penfil? The other luminary Tang Soo Do-ists? I'll share my .02$ once I've found em :) John
  24. JWLuiza

    TSD Uniforms

    I know Pro Force and Sang Moo Sa make TSD trim uniforms. Who else does? I also heard Sang Moo Sa aren't as good as they used to be... Right now I have a 14 oz Pro Force black trim... looking for other options... Best,
  25. JWLuiza

    Hello from Maryland

    Hi, I've been directed to this site by Karatekid1975 (Thanks!) to talk about TSD. I've been a blackbelt since 1996 and am involved with Tompkins Karate Association. TKA is a 40 year old organization dealing mainly in Montgomery, PG, and Howard counties. Our website is