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  1. goof321

    round house punch

    i wanted to know if a low rear roundhouse punch would be the same as a rear roundhouse punch but crouched down
  2. goof321

    suggestion advice or opinion?

    man my summer sux, i have no money to go in a tkd school that i wanna go to so i can keep educating and learning the arts, with that said i cant do wat im most passionate about, plus i wanted to do a summer proyect wich sadly i cant afford( i wanted to build my personal dojo in my backyard so i...
  3. goof321

    temp healing?

    you know how during competitions u get hurt, wat r good ways to make a temprary recovery, like in the movie karate kid when mr miagy rubs his hands and places them on the spot that hurts, any of u know something like that kind of stuff
  4. goof321

    shaolin kung fu

    does this include style include the 5 animals or not, and if not wat is it?
  5. goof321

    a problem with my uper body

    i dont know wats wrong with my arms or how to stop it, every time i do push ups, press bench, and pull upps etc my arms start twiching after a few seconds when i do push ups, and pull ups(and excersices like this) my arms start twitching and after 10 reps of weight lifting can someone tell me...
  6. goof321

    chakra info

    i was wondering if someone could explain me what do the chakras do and what can u do with them, in otgher words i just want an explination on it
  7. goof321

    dragon style

    can anyone explain to me for what type of person wold this style work for and can someone describe the fighting stayle a bit
  8. goof321

    Kung fu styles

    i only know of 2 kung fu styles(wing chun and drunken fist) i would like to find one that suits me but i dont know much so if everyone could give me a perspective of youre favorite style and explain it to me a little
  9. goof321

    Tae kwon do vs. Kung Fu

    wich one do u prefer and why? i actually cant decide between either of them but id like to hear youre opinions to decide wich one to practice
  10. goof321

    anyone know?

    anyone know of any schools in NC, aorund the forsyth county, cause i just relocated close to there and i want to keep at my martial arts, i appreciate anyones help
  11. goof321

    Kung fu training

    hi everyone i am a yellow belt in tae kwon do,but i have recently moved to another area and there r no tkd schools around however there are kung fu school around, and i would like to start,i did a little research and i know that i need strenght and agilyty and flexibility anybody know what...
  12. goof321


    hi im a yellow belt on tae kwon do,i would like to learn about and learn to practice 5 diffrent martial arts but i am most interested in learning krav maga