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    Final Fu

    Agreed.......Thats why I took "Final Stooge" off my Tivo schedule.
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    Final Fu TV show on MTV

    I watched two episods last night to give it the benefit of doubt and I was unimpressed. I thought that it was pretty lame and I doubt that it will be picked up again for another season. Some of the sparring was ok but I think that at least there should be headgear worn and headshots allowed...
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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Thank you all, and please remember to keep smiling!
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    Mrs. Parker

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    OH Those 80's videos (music that is)

    Wow does this bring back memories. I think that I need to go try on my old pair of parachute pants. Then again mabey not.
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    I sang to my brother because thats how I roll.

    I did the macarena with my mother because I'm cool like that.
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    New to EPAK

    Salute........... and welcome to MT. You should also join us at enjoy the journey
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    11 year old pregnant

    This is so WRONG! Parents need to be more aware about who their children asscociate with. My daughter is eleven and her body and mind are no where ready to produce a child. She cant even take the dog out without complaining at times. Some girls her age are "boy crazy" and since I coach that...
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    Best piece of office equipment in a self defense situation?

    Does my assistant count as a weapon?
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    New "On the Mat" Released - Topic 29: Twist of Fate

    Nicely done! Please continue your "On the Mat" series it proves to be a valuable asset to our art.
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    tv program:Deadly Arts

    I saw the episode with Goju Ryu and it was very good so just keep watching. I like the show and hope that they continue with more episodes. However the episodes with Savate and Capoeira really could not keep my attention.
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    Your Home Gym?

    All of this fits in what I consider "my" space in the basement. Apx size of my workout cave is 12x24. Bowflex XTL (easily folds to practice forms/sets) Treadmill Roman chair Free weights for dumbell/curl bar Eliptical cycle Bully Bob 50lb heavy bag Workout tower 13" TV hung from ceiling Oh...
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    Now THIS is one Big Bunny

    This bunny was the test animal for Barry Bonds new line of non-sterodial performance enhancing supplements.
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    Should it martial arts be licence?

    IMHO: License regulation of the Martial Arts will only serve to create new govermental departments that we as tax payers must fund. Also the fees that would be imposed for licenseing will only serve to further line the pockets of the goverment. Govermental oversite or licenseing of the...
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    Tiger Balm

    I have have not tried this but I was told that it can relieve a headace when applied to the temples. Has anyone tried this method of relieving a headache. I also saw posted elsewhere that someone used it for relief of a stomach ache. What other uses has anyone tried?
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    Child Support Stay

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    How about escapes from hand shakes?

    It sounds very simular to "Gift in Return" from Parker Kenpo.
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    Hi from East Coast!

    Welcome to MT!
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    Greetings & Salutations

    Welcome to MT. Enjoy and explore the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn and share here from all styles.
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    Never pay another fee....

    You should send the link to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.
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    So you are a black belt, that must mean you can beat me up right?

    When someone finds out that I train in the Martial Arts, they usually don't ask for my rank and I don't offer it. Sometimes someone might say "Hey you could kick the crap out of someone." or something to that effect. My general response is.... Mabey but I would never under estimate my opponent...
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    Tiny needles-big results

    Thank You! I will check it out.
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    Tiny needles-big results

    What is the average cost of accupunture? I have never had it done. Also what would be the best way to find someone reputable in your area?
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    the worst movie you have ever seen

    Starship Toopers 1 & 2 - I cant believe that I watched the sequel after the first one. One Crazy Summer - from 1986 with John Cusack and Demi Moore. This was a seriously failed attempt at a comedy.
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    Martial Arts expert gets 52 year sentence

    I would agree but once the press sees that someone has been trained in the martial arts they will latch on to it and use it as a headline.
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    Martial Arts expert gets 52 year sentence

    I saw this on the news last night and I just thought that I would pass this along. I don't know David Haraden as he is from Maine and I am from Massachusetts. He was convicted of beating his girlfriend to death over a four day period in a hotel. All while he drank beer and watched movies...
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    Another LOSER Black Belt

    I just wanted to update eveyone that the child that recieved the buzz hair cut in my original post started class with us yesterday. It seemed that he had fun and adapted well into the class. Hopefully we can change a negative experience with martial arts into a positive.
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    Another LOSER Black Belt

    The billing wouln't be the major issue, it would be how he treats the children.
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    Another LOSER Black Belt

    We need a secret vigilante board of black belts. Mods- sorry that I posted in the wrong place.