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    Blackbelt Envy

    I was first introduced to my current style of by my then brother in law. We trained together for nearly 4 years before he had a major mid-life crisis, the end result being that he cheated on his partner of 10 years, 3 kids, two houses 2 cars etc, he had it all and threw it away. This is not my...
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    Been getting hot here again lately and all my spare time seems to be going to loading up the mates 350 chev ski boat and heading down to the dam skiing, wake boarding, kneeboarding, couple of biscuits. I must admit that I am a new comer to this sport, but I am finding that I am picking it up...
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    Fancy Dress Parties

    A very good friend of mine is turning 30 and has decided that an 80's themed party is the way to go. This couple always have themed parties and everyone always makes a big effort and as such the nights are always a good laugh. The problem is that I am completely stuck for ideas this time...
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    How long does a fight last?

    The other night at training we got into a discussion about fitnesss and diets and that led to a split in the group about the importance of being fit. Bascially it led to two major groups of thought. One being that fitness is everything and without good stamina and endurance all the skills in...
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    Wanted: Complete honesty

    At the moment I am about to come into a little bit of inheretance and if I top up the morgage a little bit I can put in a swimming pool, with fencing landscaping and brick paving, and complete the back yard of the house that I just built. The alternative to this pool is a kick **** dojo. My...
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    Origins of the Yin Yang symbol

    I am searching for the definitive answer for the first time that the Yin Yang was used. Doing Google searches results in thousands of poeople saying that they are the ones that first used the symbol. Obviously someone did but does anybody REALLY know who it was? I tend to believe that it was...
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    Hows your imagination?

    I'm searching for an idea for a tattoo and have got myself stuck in a rut. What I'm looking for is an idea that conveys my "I will die for you" attitude in relation to my two boys. I won't say what the design is that I have picked as I don't want any iterference with your own, only to say that...
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    Big Muscles = Big Damage or what?

    Whilst training gunting strikes with a guda a question arose about the differences between body shapes and more specifically muscle density. We were doing a bicep strike with the punio of the guda at the time and wondered if you would cause more damage hitting a very muscular bicep such as...
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    I am looking for inspiration for a new tattoo and want to find a picture of a Western Dragon. I have an Eastern Dragon on my right shoulder and this signifies all that is good and now I want to put an opposite on my left shoulder. I want to find a evil, nasty looking Western dragon so that...
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    Saw blades for knifemaking

    I am a brick paver and go through 14" diamond saw blades fairly regularly. I was wondering if the metal in the saw blade would be suitable for making live knives. Obviously I would be using the stock removeal method and was wondering if the metal would need to be heat treated once the grinding...
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    Sucker Punching

    I heard on the news the other day that in the last 6 months there have been 6 incidents of people being sucker punched or king hit and then either dieing, being in a coma or being put into a medically induced coma. I cant belive the high rate of fatal or near fatal results lately that have...
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    Where are the TRUE masters

    I was reading the latest Blitz magazine and in it was an article about the topic of masters. Put simply the fact that in this moment of time there are more students of all martial arts training than at any other moment of time and yet there are very few if any True masters being produced. Back...
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    Advice for a Black Belt Grading

    Tomorrow is the big day, at 8.00am we start our shodan grading. We have been training for over a year since the last grading and was wondering what advice people have for doing well tomorrow.
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    Pure or crossbreeds

    Looking to get a puppy soon and have been researching different breeds. I have owned and trained a couple of dogs before, a male staffodshire bull terrier/blue heeler and a german sheppard/rottwieller *****, so I am not coming in too green, but I am wondering what people think about the merits...
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    Free Tattoo sites

    Can anybody give me the address to any good tattoo sites. I have found a couple for one but I have seen everything they have and still need inspiration. Most of the sites that I have found only show thumbnails and wont let you get into the site without paying for the...
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    Tempering Rattan

    I have just broken my sticks and after reading the Best Sticks thread want to have a go at tempering. The sticks that I had were about 1inch thick with 2 nodes per stick and they still had there skins on. They were a plain stick with no burns or patterns and I'm wondering now whether they were...
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    Time Zones

    Generally the only time I can get on MT is after work before the evening ritual of feeding the animals and the family starts. By the time the next day rolls around there are 2 pages of new posts that I have missed out on seeing and am too late to join in the conversation. So therefore I want...
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    Mock Fights

    As part of our BB we have to come up with 5 different fight scenarios, teach them to a partner then demonstrate. They must be a logical sequence of events and we can use any technique that we know or make up. There must be a minimum of 3 attacks and defence . By doing this our instructor gets...
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    Whats in a name

    Are all the different names for dojo's, dojang, kwoon etc just because of language differences or is it something more. What does your MA call their training hole.
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    Edged Weapon Seminar 11/3/06

    Just a little note inviting any and all to an edged weapons seminar to be conducted by Guru Peter Baker. Hakarak Boxing will also be involved in a hour long presentation held by Mannie De martos. I dont have the address at the moment but as soon as I do I will put it up. It will be in the metro...
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    The MAN v's The machine

    In Australia soon there is to be a boxing match between Anthony "the Man" Mundine and Danny "the green Machine" Green. This fight has been coming for years now and I was wondering what people think of the two fighters and who will walk out of the ring victorious. It has been said that the...
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    Grappling gloves

    Anyone give me a brand name and style of a good fingerless grappling glove? I'm out to buy a set for playing around with but are limited in the local supply so thought I would try ebay and the internet but now there are too many and I don't know which are good and which are bad. Any help with...
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    Grappling Gloves

    I'm looking to buy a pair of grappling gloves but I am dissapointed at the variety on offer at the local shops. I have been looking on Ebay and have found heaps on offer, my problem is I dont know what is quaility and what isn't and I also dont really know what I am needing. Should I be...
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    Animated Dojo Discussion

    While exploring the options of a particular move last night at training I noticed that two of my partners were always coming up with a submission to break for a finish. My solution to this move was to shoot, mount, then punch to the face. I reasoned that breaking a limb unless it was a life or...
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    Dojo's at home

    At the moment I'm starting to build my new house and I want to build a dojo in the backyard, I'm hoping to put a colourbond shed with dimensions about 15ft x 18ft x 8ft and am wondering what people consider to be essential equipment. Im thinking that ventilation would be a priority and will be...
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    Australian Systema

    Does it exist in South Western Australia anywhere or are there any seminars likely to happen in and around the capital of Western Australia, Perth. This systema is starting to interest me.
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    KENPO - Whats the big deal?

    Hopefully without offending anyone I want to know why is Kenpo considered by many using this site to be the be all and end all of martial art systems? I cant find a kenpo (dojo?) near me to see this style and even if I did it would really have to impress me for me to change arts but it seems...
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    CB Radios

    Is there anybody on this site who knows anything about CB UHF radios? My company wants me and my boss to have a CB in our vehicles to reduce mobile phone bills but what we know about CB's you could write twice on the same postage stamp. Any advice about brands or wattage would be appreciated...
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    Goju Kai

    Can anybody tell me anything about Goju Kai What are its strenghts and weakness, what is the emphasis of the art and is there many people practicing. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Training with Knives and the law

    Apparently in Australia the insurance companies are putting the squeeze on to martial art federations about training with bladed and wooden weapons. I was told that at recent kungfu federation meetings the instructors were told that if they trained with wooden knives, sticks, or metal weapons...