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  1. tarabos

    Kenpo and Systema.

    i'm sure everyone understands as well that what Martin is teaching now is pretty much completely contradictary to kenpo, and cannot, i my opinion be totally comprehended in one seminar or class with him. my first systema class was a fairly big system shock for me as well, but after learning more...
  2. tarabos

    American Wedding

    saw it over the weekend...a decent movie, lots of laughs. this one was more on par with the original american pie. i thought the second one was crap, and i was expecting the same for the third, but i really enjoyed it. best thing they did was strip down the uneccessary character development...
  3. tarabos

    making a trainer? for the complete newbie

    i'm interested in making my own aluminum trainers, most likely crafted from the tracing of my live folder to begin with. i know a lot of people here are experience in this field and i could use some tips. and when i say tips...i mean i need to know it all. a lot of the threads here have good...
  4. tarabos

    28 Days Later

    saw the movie yesterday. without spoiling anything about the movie, i can say that if you are a horror movie fan, you will probably enjoy the movie. i will also say, however, that the movie does not live up to it's trailer. it's not nearly as clever or unique as it's made out to be. yes, it...
  5. tarabos

    MAJOR SPOILERS!! Matrix: Reloaded - important script text MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

    OK...once not read this thread if you have not seen the movie. what you read here will basically spoil the whole movie for you. this is only to help people take things in about the plot that they may have missed in what was probably the most important scene in the movie. DO NOT READ...
  6. tarabos

    Matrix: Reloaded

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! sneak preview for me last night! eat your hearts out! i won't spoil a thing here...all i will say is you must leave you job or class or wherever you are right now and go see it. blows the first one away.
  7. tarabos

    *spoiler warning thread*

    just to warn people a bit about the xmen 2/matrix 2 thread in this forum. it's starting to get a little spoiler heavy. no offense to anyone who's posted there...but if i put this in the actual thread, you would have had to read some of the spoilers before you got to the warning.:D
  8. tarabos

    the EPAK black gi "tradition"

    saw a similar thread on kenponet and figured i'd get some input on it here. is it a tradition at all to anyone anymore...was it ever? i to be honest don't know exactly what the deal is behind it. sure, i've heard plenty of stories...but that's all they are to me...stories. i've heard everything...
  9. tarabos

    Parker Kenpo Crest Plaque

    anyone here know if it's possible to purchase the Parker Crest plaque that probably still hangs on the walls of many Kenpo studios? you probably know what i'm talking about. it's basically the crest cut out in wood i'm assuming. we actually have one in our school. i'd ask my instructor but i'm...
  10. tarabos

    Tito to the WWE! Tito Ortiz to leave the UFC and take a three year contract with the WWE... ;) :D
  11. tarabos

    doesn't look good...

    well...the WB was coming out with a new martial arts series called Black Sash with russel wong starring in it. i thought, "cool, it's going to be like walker or kung-fu with much better fight scenes." then i'm seeing the previews for it tonight and it looks like it's wong training these...
  12. tarabos

    pictures/photos of japanese dojos?

    just wondering if anyone here knew of any references (online preferably but i'd be fine picking up a good book you could recommend) of traditional japanese karate dojos, most likely found only in japan or okinawa. i ask just out of personal interest. i'm fascinated with the architecture and...
  13. tarabos

    Roy Jones on Stern yesterday

    amidst all the much about RJJ talking about his new rap album and his love for cock fighting, he did mention that he was very much considering taking on Holyfield for the right price....which was about 50 million. so we'll see what happens with that. i will say one thing for him, you can tell...
  14. tarabos

    the "casual" martial artist

    the casual martial artist....the casual student....there's at least one in every school, probably a lot more than one. no matter what discipline you're associated with, you've probably run into at least one. what i'm speaking of here is the person that comes into a...
  15. tarabos

    care for black gi's....

    figured i'd ask this on the kenpo forum...targeting the American Kenpo practitioners in particular since we wear black gi's more than any other art probably. anyone have any tips or tricks of the trade when it comes to care for them. i've always trashed mine more or less...always washing and...
  16. tarabos

    Two Towers

    very good...saw it last night. better than the first i would say. i would give a review but i think i should see it again in about a's the reason: there were too many distractions while i watched the movie. in front of us we had two potheads making strange noises. behind us was...
  17. tarabos

    why do we get such small avatar space?

    i've seen a lot of v-bulletin forums with these gigantic avatars on them. now stuff like that is out of control, and i realize that there are bandwith issues, but maybe they could be a little 10x10 pixels bigger or so? doesn't hurt to ask...:D
  18. tarabos

    martial arts directory?

    just out of curiosity, is there anywhere on the web where one can go and look up a school/dojo in his or her area in multiple styles and systems? i've found a lot of kenpo directories, but most are strictly kenpo. sometimes i feel like trying something out for a little bit to test the waters. a...
  19. tarabos


    New here, just wanted to say hello first instead of just jumping into a thread. I used to post sometimes on the old yahoo kenpo board. I recognize some names here from it. Looking forward to some good discussions.