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    Doin the righty

    Just a little note, it turns out my instructor hasn't trained directly under Dan Inosanto, he has attended seminars and has trained under people trained by Dan. Sorry for any misleading information, it certainly wasn't intentional. Just needed to clear that up.
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    What were your toughest challenges as a student in your art?

    He tells me its purely a time issue, he and his wife are both physio's who each run their own practice in neighbouring towns, so I can see their problems. Plus they have two kids both under 4. I would find a way but he really seems content to cruise along and although the training is taken...
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    Alternative Structure to Black Belt Ranks

    I agree that you do want your peer group to work together for the benefit of all but i still don't see how elevating a group of black belts to an equal footing with the instructor will have any benefits at all. The instructor has had the same amount of training time as you have had in his system...
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    What were your toughest challenges as a student in your art?

    We have a student with the same problem, he has been graded once in the 18 months he has been training.
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    Sorry to everyone I offended...

    I'm an Australian so I've just been told to say sorry to a whole race of people that I don't even know Keep on posting dude, say what you mean and mean what you say people are bound to be offended about something that you say or do sometimes.
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    Alternative Structure to Black Belt Ranks

    My first question would have to be, Why do you want your students on your level? Have you run out of knowledge to share with them? Do they know more than you? I don't understand your reasoning behind wanting to change the relationship with them. My instructor runs a invitation only session...
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    Constant reminder of your training?

    Tattoo of a dragon posed in one of our entries holding our logo. Bought a tear to the eyes of my instructor when I showed him. Got it when I graded to black.
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    Wearing a ring during a fight.

    That would have to be the best advice I have seen or heard for a long time. Good work Brian.
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    Blackbelt Envy

    Thank you everyone for the posts, I have worked very hard on changing my personallity and I think just maybe that it is finally starting to work. It is nice to know that other people believe that my response was justified but I just felt so guilty for being angry with my instructor. I kept...
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    Blackbelt Envy

    I was first introduced to my current style of by my then brother in law. We trained together for nearly 4 years before he had a major mid-life crisis, the end result being that he cheated on his partner of 10 years, 3 kids, two houses 2 cars etc, he had it all and threw it away. This is not my...
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    Silat? close it is to other styles?!

    I study silat based on the mangangkebau system and have found that the biggest difference from other arts is that the silat takes ALOT longer to become proficient in due to the subtle nature of the techniques. To watch a good silat fighter you don't realize exactly how they are doing what they...
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    Summer heat is good for one thing now at least!!
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    Been getting hot here again lately and all my spare time seems to be going to loading up the mates 350 chev ski boat and heading down to the dam skiing, wake boarding, kneeboarding, couple of biscuits. I must admit that I am a new comer to this sport, but I am finding that I am picking it up...
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    Fancy Dress Parties

    A very good friend of mine is turning 30 and has decided that an 80's themed party is the way to go. This couple always have themed parties and everyone always makes a big effort and as such the nights are always a good laugh. The problem is that I am completely stuck for ideas this time...
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    How to make sparring sticks

    I've always just found old golf clubs or fishing rods and cut them to the required lenght, pushed them, lined with liquid nails adhesive into the round aeroflex foam insulation tube, sewed up a cotton cover for it then a couple wraps of tape for the hand grip. Never had one break, EVER. They are...
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    Are you doing the one you wanted?

    I wanted to find an art that would teach me to defend myself. I went to the local council offices to find every art that was in my area and found only one possibility. There were about 6 choices but 5 of them were purely sport or fitness related, so by default I went to the last choice and...
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    How long does a fight last?

    So does that put you in the fitness is unimportant group?
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    How long does a fight last?

    The other night at training we got into a discussion about fitnesss and diets and that led to a split in the group about the importance of being fit. Bascially it led to two major groups of thought. One being that fitness is everything and without good stamina and endurance all the skills in...
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    Wanted: Complete honesty

    Thanks everyone for all your input. I must say that the idea of having a dojo in the back yard is really tempting me, that and the fact that is would be nearly impossible for my kids to drown in it. I think I might have to sit down and start up plans for my "Man Cave" as it was put in an...
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    Wanted: Complete honesty

    At the moment I am about to come into a little bit of inheretance and if I top up the morgage a little bit I can put in a swimming pool, with fencing landscaping and brick paving, and complete the back yard of the house that I just built. The alternative to this pool is a kick **** dojo. My...
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    Origins of the Yin Yang symbol

    Thank you. I knew that somebody here would know.
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    Origins of the Yin Yang symbol

    38 views and no one knows the answer. Thought I would put it up the top again to see if somebody can help me.
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    KT:Man Receives Brown with Spinal Cord injury

    Nah sorry mate that was neither inspiring or motivational. I don't think that he should have been graded to that level as he obviously isn't. It is a sad fact of life that people get hurt, sick and die. By grading this man to this level in my opinion doesn't say much for the system that he is...
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    Origins of the Yin Yang symbol

    I am searching for the definitive answer for the first time that the Yin Yang was used. Doing Google searches results in thousands of poeople saying that they are the ones that first used the symbol. Obviously someone did but does anybody REALLY know who it was? I tend to believe that it was...
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    Hows your imagination?

    9 I have an oriental dragon holding my arts logo surrounded by fire and clouds on my right arm. I dont really hold any strong religious beliefs. I have had a chat to my tattoo artist about my next piece but thought that I would ask people for their ideas as obviously the more people...
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    How/Why did Balintawak gain popularity in the US?

    I cant comment on that art in particular but I do study Kali Silat. I don't know quite how to describe the feeling when you have the stick/s moving around with seemingly their own life only that when you have the sticks as a genuine extention of your body, that is that you can do everying that...
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    Hows your imagination?

    I'm searching for an idea for a tattoo and have got myself stuck in a rut. What I'm looking for is an idea that conveys my "I will die for you" attitude in relation to my two boys. I won't say what the design is that I have picked as I don't want any iterference with your own, only to say that...
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    Proper knife for Kali

    Please tell me your not going to train with a live blade! Thats for the movies dude, train safe, use a training blade.
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    Signature characteristics of your style

    I study a style that is dominated by silat and in answer to your question, It's ALL about the Flow baby!
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    Hello from Everett, WA

    For a moment I thought that WA was short for Western Australia, but as I soon found out, your not from the blessed country. Happy posting anyway.