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  1. Don Roley

    This is just sooooo wrong

    This is the second sickest sex story I have ever heard. Read more here if you dare! The thing is, even though this guy has not touched a human in a sexual way, I worry about the fact he has twice killed in order to get his jollies. There is no way I want to bet that his little kinks might...
  2. Don Roley

    Recognizing, avoiding danger

    I was going through some old magazines and making notes. In the Febuary 2000 issue of Hiden magazine I found the following quote by Hatsumi in an interview. It is not a new idea for most of us. We have heard it said in various ways at various times. But what about concrete examples? Each...
  3. Don Roley

    What Superhero are you? For me, Superman 100%!
  4. Don Roley

    Rudolph the outcast?

    It is Christmas morning here in Japan and I was thinking about that famous song we all know. Am I the only one disturbed at the message it is sending? Let me sum up what I hear when I listen to it. Rudolph was a freak. Everyone hated him and cast him out of their group. But when only he could...
  5. Don Roley

    Do people just HAVE to try to encourage others....

    A fellow martialtalk member brought this to my attention. First of all, it does not look like the guy holding the gun really is doing his best to shoot the other guy. I think the whole thing is staged. But the way they try to be macho by using a loaded gun is just so wrong on so many levels.
  6. Don Roley

    Hikan Densho Series

    A little announcement. Hatsumi has recently started to release from Quest a new series in his Bujinkan series. These are called the Hikan Densho. I should point out that he has made a pun and the charecter for "sho" of Densho is not as it normally is. Instead of "transmision writings" the new...
  7. Don Roley


    Someone please explain something to me. Why is it that every idiot with a sword just has to put a video of themselves using it on youtube?
  8. Don Roley

    Lebanon power grab The background for this is as follows. -Hezbollah has claimed victory for surviving the attacks by Isreal earlier this year. The attacks by Isreal were called off after international outcry over the costs, but Hezbollah...
  9. Don Roley

    The weird ones

    Something in another thread by Bydand kind of has me wondering. What kind of stories can you tell of people who set off your alarms when they came in looking for "ninja training." I live in Japan and most of the nuts seem to give up before they get here. But I would love to hear some...
  10. Don Roley

    Kyungdang Demonstration team

    I was wondering if anyone here has any information on this group in South Korea that is trying to revive the ancient Korean martial arts. I have two tapes from Turtle Press that has their demonstration, but I do not know how to contact them. Anything that can help would be appreciated.
  11. Don Roley

    Reason to be paranoid in Japan

    You want to know why I have so many traps in my yard? You want to know why I keep a watch dog in my room? You want to know why everyone who knows me says I am paranoid? Watch this to see why!
  12. Don Roley

    I feel used and dirty

    Ok, I really am a nice guy that tries to help people. I try to give people what they need. Sometimes that is a good kick in the pants. But sometimes they just need some information or a resource. So, on another forum a guy asks about getting some books by Fujita Seiko- the guy who was a...
  13. Don Roley

    Looking for info on a style- even the name!

    Hello, I studied for a while under a guy who came to Japan from China and taught a martial art here. I can give you the charecters he used for the name, but not how to pronounce them in Chinese. He had to go back to China and I was wondering if there was any information about the style. But I...
  14. Don Roley

    Democratic Senator Cantell in ethics scandal;_ylt=AnLVR6GA2VcFhluLABVJgiGs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY- Take a look at what her spokesperson Micheal Meehan gives as an excuse to understand why I am so cynical about politics. Even if it is true that there...
  15. Don Roley

    Tameshigiri with a knife

  16. Don Roley

    Frank Dux FAQ submissions

  17. Don Roley


    Nasa is building a new craft to replace the aging space shuttle. The contract went out to a company on Friday. Does anyone have some more info to add about the plans and such? It seems a little strange to me to...
  18. Don Roley

    Anyone with questions for sumo wrestlers?

    Hi folks. There is a Sumo stable in my city. The mayor once was with us when we were drinking and asked me what I thought would be a great activity for the internationalization of the city and what non-Japanese in the city would get a lot out of. I suggested a tour of the stable. Well, it...
  19. Don Roley

    The Reality of Weapons

    My teacher, Hiroshi Nagase, always stresses that this art was built around the reality of weapons. We use them, we train to go against them and even though we do unarmed stuff most of the time, there is always a connection with weapons. I have been thinking of something for a long time and kind...
  20. Don Roley

    Reccomended movies

    I am putting together an order by mail of some DVDs. I can get and watch a lot of movies here in Japan, but non- English movies rarely have English options. I am getting The Brotherhood of the Wolf (French) and am thinking of getting "So Close" after stumbling across the following clip...
  21. Don Roley

    You would not believe me if you did not see it with your own eyes

    Some of you may wonder why I spend so much time on martialtalk. Well, I can't stand to hang around westerners who can't be bothered to learn the language here (i.e. most of them) and this kind of shows what a lot of Japanese television is like. Do you think I can make this stuff up...
  22. Don Roley

    Different Kihon

    I thought I would throw this out now.... I got a PM from someone who seems to have joined here just to send it to me after seeing my rant thread. Here is the part that gives me pause. It does not sound exactly right to me. Different people do the kihon slightly differently. But if they...
  23. Don Roley

    Need a Borg toast

    A few months ago, I took a trip to America and spent the first few days in Las Vegas. While there I went to the Star Trek Experience. In the shop I got a freezer mug with the Klingon emblem on it and a pair of shot glasses, one with Klingon, and the other with the Borg symbol on it. I know...
  24. Don Roley

    Drinking and health

    About god- damn time someone realized it. Just remember folks, rehab is for quitters!!!!! :drinky:
  25. Don Roley

    Holocaust denier running for office in USA on Democratic ticket! It is not all that disturbing that the democratic party refuses to denounce and supports this guy. They do have people in a wide enough range to include both ex-KKK member Robert Byrd and Jesse Jackson. They say they support...
  26. Don Roley

    The rant thread

    I am not known for keeping my opinions to myself. Here we go folks. Feel free to add some of your own. First of all, I was recently made aware of some folks trying to get together and share their Shinden Fudo ryu notes in an internet forum so that they could all have a better idea of what...
  27. Don Roley

    Blame Carol

    Ok, So Carol Kaur writes me a few days ago. I am in the midst of something that requires me to take medication and I can't drink booze. But she asks about my signature. Which right now reads, So I answer. But it gets me to thinking- always a dangerous situation. I challenge the members...
  28. Don Roley

    Saw marks found on body of ten year old murder victim What a piece of trash. This guy needs to be taken out and shot ASAP.
  29. Don Roley

    South Park vs Scientology I am wondering if anyone who sees the episodes that will be played instead can tell me if they really are ones in which Chef is featured a lot. I have the DVD "The Passion of the Jew" and the episodes they have on it do indeed...
  30. Don Roley

    Hizb ut Tahrir This is something that I think more people should be aware of. You will note that the above documentary was done before the bombings in July. HT is a big threat because of its message tailored to a lot of Muslims in the world. The...