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    Training in public

    I typically train outside, in a public place most of the time. I've never had a problem, but I do keep alert to what is going on around me.
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    Good Question

    Meditation also helps. If you can find an instructor who ties it in with MA practice that would be a great place to start.
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    Looking for a place to practice in Ukiah CA.

    Good point.... No particular style, just looking for a decent school that someone could recommend. Most of the cities I travel to I've been able to contact a school and they have been willing to let me join practice. There just aren't many listed up that way.
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    Looking for a place to practice in Ukiah CA.

    I'll be in Ukiah CA. for 2 weeks, and was wondering if anyone knew a good school that would allow me to practice a couple times while I'm out that way.
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    Does anyone else feel silly doing a ki-ai while fighting?

    For me there has always been a time and place for a ki-ai, and during sparring was never one of those times. I am always aware of my breathing though, and make sure to exhale on strikes (like yourself). I've never been told that it was necessary to ki-ai during sparring either.
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    Your school website...

    This is actually the school I attended, misread the school management part. Sorry 'bout that.
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    Your school website...
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    Where is everyone from?

    Birmingham Alabama via the metro Detroit area - warm weather and no snow.
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    Internal Arts Represented Here

    Yang style Tai Chi
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    KungFu Ranking

    We use sashes; white yellow 2nd yellow green 2nd green red 2nd red black
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    appetite control

    Drinking a ton of water and cut back on carbs at night has helped me. Also limiting my soda consumption was a big benefit as well. Good luck!
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    New guy!

    Welcome! Aikido is a fun art you should enjoy it.
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    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    Bruce Lee - the art of expressing the human body
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    Where do/did you train

    I originally started at the school of chinese martial arts in the metro detroit area. Currently living in another state, I practice by myself or with a couple of friends locally. I still try to return several times a year though, to practice with my sifu and get caught up on anything new...
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    I have always found meditation to be a great tool for focus as well.
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    The most influential books you've read on MA

    zen in the art of archery or karate-do my way of life
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    Hey all, glad to be a part of Martial Talk.