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  1. ShawnP

    WWII machine made?

    i inherited this 20 years ago as a teen, can anyone identify this as an actual WWII machine made piece. From my observation it looks as if it was "cleaned up", the blade looks as if some one tried to sharpen it some how and the sheeth was bent and almost in 2 when i got it, its original color...
  2. ShawnP

    work out eqiptment?

    iv'e been wanting to buy a "Total Gym" but when i went to their website i found there were actually more than 1 and the cost for such a simple machine is outrageous, i have looked for used ones online and i just cant make up my mind about what to buy. If there is anyone that has one id like some...
  3. ShawnP


    Chyna, WWE wrestler and entertainer, dead at 45 -
  4. ShawnP

    MMA N.H. School recomendations

    i have a cousin who is interested in MMA for exercise and not for competitive play, we live in Southern N.H. and i am unfamiliar with MMA and the people who teach MMA in our area, Does anyone know what i should be looking for as far as what the school is teaching or what types of MMA they are...
  5. ShawnP

    do you find this disrepectful?

    My day started out pretty normal, i make deliveries to Grocery stores so some times i have layover time or down time i have to wait until receiving opens. i get to my usual stop and listening to my usual station, all i hear is them talking about "Trump" and his antics and how un presidential he...
  6. ShawnP

    Enjoy this Video

    i was surfing drummers and street performers and came across this Video which i found quite intriguing, sorry if this has already been posted but i didnt feel like checking 20 pages of threads so Enjoy!! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Bruce Lee Jeet Kune do (part 6 of 6)
  7. ShawnP

    how to send a Private message.

    Hi, im new to this type of message board and im unaware of how to send a member a private message. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. ShawnP

    a formal introduction

    well since i haven't introduced myself first before i began to post, i think a formal introduction is in order. i was in the middle of writing a brief history of my experiences in MAs but another member swayed me to not complete this. hi, my name is Shawn. im happy i found this site.