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    40 cal carbine choice

    For those with handling experience what would you choose? a- hi point 4095 b- kel tech su2000 in 40 cal or c- glock 40 cal with mech tech ccu cx storm was original choice but became aware of some other options, I have heard good and bad about the kel tech and the hi point and not much...
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    I know that in the katas there can be alot of information, however with so many kata to learn do you feel overload? To remember them plus to learn all the nuances?
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    NYC aikidokas

    Any Aikidoists in the NYC area up for a very friendly, emphasis on friendly exchange/interaction? My experience is in chinese martial arts and filipino martial arts. Not trying to prove anything, just to looking expand my experiences with people from other styles and ways of movement. NOT...
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    Teacher of teachers

    For those who teach how many students have you had that made it to instructor level ? Whats the average time for your system 5 years, 10?
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    whos been to a training camp?

    Anyone here ( not from the Philippines) been to any of the training camps different schools have there from time to time? IF so what did you think of it? Private message answers are fine.
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    judo/jujitsu new york

    anyone know of any cheap (in price) judo clubs in new york, brooklyn or queens free is the next best thing to cheap ( maybe some kind of community center thing)
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    Time spent

    Its interesting to me that often the people who claim to teach RBSD, have 1- spent at least some time in TMA 2- in addition have spent some time in the military or law enforcement My point being that although they tend to bash TMA ( which it deserves some bashing , what doesnt) TMA have...
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    Why are you teaching?

    Based on a few different threads At instructor grade is where most people should have some proficiency in the art they practice, I think that also correlates into people brains that they should be teaching. Why are you teaching - because you think you have something to offer, your...
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    Internal styles too complex 4 beginners?

    This started from a different thread Do you feel the internal arts may be too complex for raw beginners in martial arts? THat a person with a prior background in something else would be able to benefit more, and pick up the martial concepts quicker although the body mechanics would have to...
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    If you could do it all over?

    For people with 4 or more years of training (at one place) if you had it all to do over again what 1 or 2 styles would you pick? Would you still choose what you do now, or have you seen something that would have been better for you but you are sticking it out with what you started?
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    Self defense

    Its been my observation and experience living,working and training in the inner city that often the people who talk the most about self defense are not the same people who might need self defense training the most. As a person who has lived in and regularly been in medium to high crime areas, I...
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    Pulling a knife

    This may have come up before but anway:ALso posted under knife arts Alot of people like to carry knives for protection and I see alot of people post about what knife they like to carry. Question what is the line for you to pull your knife out;assuming you are not protecting family. Do...
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    When do you pull your knife?

    This may have come up before but anway: Alot of people like to carry knives for protection and I see alot of people post about what knife they like to carry. Question what is the line for you to pull your knife out;assuming you are not protecting family. Do you wait for a committed...
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    Jujitsu in New York the 5 boros'

    Any recommendations for jujitsu ( not bjj) in NYC, manhattan, brooklyn, queens?
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    aikido cross trainers

    how many of you are doing aikido and some other art? Aikido for the throws/ locks/ internalization/ footwork and something else for striking?
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    Anyone know of any stickfighting/ arnis / escrima tournamemnts in the north east? Style of fighting not important.
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    throws/joints locks vs strikes

    For hapkido practioners, is the hapkido you practice more strikes, and kicks or more joints locks, breaks and throw oriented? Or is it 50/50? I know the daito ryu connection and know some branches claim a high number of "techniqes" also. Some of the stuff I have come across about hapkido...
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    Tomiki Aikido

    For people with aikido experience what do you think about tomiki aikido, I have seen some info on it and it sounds very interesting. Is the general quality of the style (not individual teachers) well regarded in aikido circles?
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    Silat in New York

    There doesnt appear to be much silat taught in NYC or is there? does any one know of any schools or individuals?
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    - filipino grappling

    Anybody have any info about filipino grappling I believe it is called dumog?
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    Harder to deal with

    I have been thinking lately that it may harder to defeat a person from your school/ style all things being equal becuase they know exactly what you know. Where as in different styles going against each other there may be the element of surprise or one person getting the fight to work to thier...
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    muy thai in new york

    Can anybody recommend any muy thai schools in brooklyn, manhattan or queens. Lowcost (relatively speaking ) would also be nice.
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    Rarity (relatively speaking)

    There doesn't seem to be many places at least in NY that teach hapkido. Compared to other stlyes of martial arts, ( i do know that some tkd schools teach varying amounts of hapkido) Is the there just a small number of practitioners?
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    Really knowing your aikido

    To all aikido praticioners, how often if ever do you try to use your aikido against another martial artist. I am not talking about sparring or point sparring, but attempting to use your technique/s against another trained martial artist who is resisting/ and attacking so you gain some...
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    FMA's and CMAs'

    Apart from wing chun, what other chinese martial arts do you feel the filipino stick/ knife arts are a good complement/ fit to? Based on your experience.