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  1. Icewater

    Paul Chen Swords... worth it?

    I am looking at purchasing a Paul Chen Chinese Broadsword that I would like to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for training. I have found a couple of sites that sell his wares, but can't tell the difference in quality. This is the cheapest one I have found...
  2. Icewater

    Black Belt Magazine: An Observation

    I was just reading Black Belt and got a little tickled about the irony between the articles and the advertisements. What tickled me is the articles that talk about the 'real deal' MA, and not to train like a paper tiger, and make sure you get live instruction, etc... Then in between each of...
  3. Icewater

    Training with a broken ankle.

    I broke my ankle last night playing basketball. I landed on someones foot and my ankle just buckled. Although I managed a nice front break fall to keep the rest of me in tact it looks like I won't be back into full practice for at least a month. Any suggestions on keeping in shape in the mean...
  4. Icewater

    Have you supported America today?

    Sorry for the sentimentality, but I wanted to drop a note to remind everyone that we still have thousands of brothers and sisters in harms way around the world. Next time you see someone in uniform, take a moment to thank them for their service. It means a lot for them to know their work is...
  5. Icewater

    Shoes during class?

    How many of you wear shoes when you train at your school? I am a proponent of shoes because it adds to the overall reality of my training. I have yet to enter a bar, sporting event, or other place where altercations may occur without some type of footwear. In Kung-Fu I wear shoes regularly...
  6. Icewater

    And I'm in...

    Thought I would take a second to say hello. I've been a member of Kung Fu Magazine forums for a while now and found this place a few weeks ago. I look forward to some new perspectives on the ****-kickery I like to call MA. Type at you soon, Icewater